Tutorial granny square sunburst

Trying something new, with lovely yarn like Drops Nepal and Lima, is always a challenge. I really like sunburst granny squares, it is like a bit of sunshine in your house. I have seen the most amazing blankets, here and here, and some pretty cushion covers with that granny square and it is on my to-do list ever since. Now, there are lots of variations of the sunburst granny. Some of them are simply, others are not, and there are sunbursts that consume a lot of yarn. Sunburst granny'sMy first attempt made the granny’s too round as I only used trebles (US: dc / NL: stokjes) in the last round. The granny’s were made with acrylic yarn. The colours I really liked all together, but the sunburst itself, naaah …. not working. Frogged them all already.
Sunburst granny DropsAfter a bit of research on the ‘net I noticed many sunbursts were made with trebles ánd  half trebles (US: hdc / NL: halve stokjes). And so, after a bit of fiddling and experimenting I came up with this pattern. It is simple and effective if I may say so myself. On the sides I decided to skip the trebles all together and only to use the half ones. It also saves yarn, and as Drops is not the cheapest stuff, I’ll make the granny’s this way.Sunburst grannys DropsYou see? Much straighter then my first attempt. Aaah, learning something new every day. 🙂DropsThe yarn in the basket is my complete stash of Drops. It is not enough for a big blanket, but there is plenty of yarn for two or three cushion covers.

So, it is time for the tutorial! Just bear in mind, I am not saying it is the correct version of the sunburst granny, it is my version of the sunburst. It’s just how I like doing it.

The tutorial is in UK terms:
Sl st = slip stitch (US: sl st / NL: halve vaste)
Insert hook into stitch or space, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch, then through the loop on your hook.

Half treble crochet (htr) (US: hdc / NL: h.st.)
Yarn over, insert hook in stitch or space, pull yarn through stitch (now three loops on your hook), yarn over and pull yarn through all three loops. You have now one loop left on your hook.

Treble crochet (tr) (US: dc / NL: st)
Yarn over, insert hook in stitch or space, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through two loops on hook (two loops left on hook), yarn over and pull through remaining two loops.

I am using a 5mm hook and Drops yarn: Nepal and Lima (No, I do not get paid by Drops!).
When starting a new colour hold your yarn ends tight and crochet over them.

Start: Chain 3 and form into a ring.
IMG_0876Round 1:
Round 1 will be worked out of the ring.
Chain 3 (counts as 1 tr) plus 11 tr (12 tr). Fasten off (always into the 3rd chain of your first chain 3).
round 2Round 2Round 2:
Work between the tr of round 1.
With new colour ch 3 (counts as 1 tr) + 1 tr in the same space.
In every space 2 tr (24 tr). Fasten off.
round 3round 3Round 3 finishedRound 3:
With new colour ch 3 (counts as 1 tr) + 2 tr in the same space.
In every space 3 tr (36 tr). Fasten off. You should now have a perfect circle.
Round 4Round 4Round 4:
Chain 3 (counts as 1 tr) plus 2 tr, ch 2, 3 tr. First corner made.
In next two spaces 3 htr.
Then 3 tr, ch 2, 3 tr. *
First side is now ready.
Repeat between *….
for the other sides and corners. Fasten off.
JoiningFor this last round I have used the same colour at every granny: Lima Mix, light beige, no. 0206.
I am using the join-as-you-go-method to connect the granny’s. Have a look at the page of Attic24 for this tutorial or at The Patchwork Heart for a fabulous map.finishedAaah, aren’t these sunbursts lovely? All of these Drops colours combine so well. I am really happy how the granny’s turned out and I can’t wait to finish this cushion cover. And then I’ll start another blanket ….

If you have any questions about this tutorial, do not hesitate to ask!

Now, a little talk about copyright. All my tutorials are created for you to use and to enjoy for free. However, if you would like to use them, or copy them (on you own website or blog), please don’t claim them as your own (including photos) and I would appreciate it when you mention my blog. Thank you and happy hooking!

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