Reasons for a smile # 1 :: Crochet book


bookI love books. Locking me up in a bookshop or in a huge library gives me só much pleasure. And when I started to crochet I discovered crochet-books, of course. But books are expensive and my money-trees in the garden are all dead, so I borrow my crochet-books from the library. And of course there also loads of -free- patterns on the internet. But every now and again I give myself a tiny little treat, after some serious thinking.
ZigzagboekFor aaaages I had this book on my “I really, really, really want/need this”-list. Well, ever since I started with crochet, that is fifteen months now. And several times I almost ordered it from Amazon, but I didn’t as it was just too expensive. Now I am so glad I didn’t buy it as it is now translated into Dutch! I can read patterns written in English but reading a pattern in your own language goes so much better. bookWhat I also like about the books of Leonie Morgan is that it has both written text and diagrams. IMG_0859The diagrams are also in colour, which I like. It makes it all much more comprehensible, if I am using the right word.
ZigzagboekLook at those yummy scrummy patterns, aren’t they beautiful? Yes, this book definitely brings a smile to my face. 🙂 And I also know I’ll use this book a lot, so the €7,95 is well spent (about GBP 5.80 /$ 9.-).
ZigzagboekSo, all I now have to do is to choose a nice pattern for my next project.  I like the one in the pic above. Does that involve new yarn, btw …?


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3 Responses to Reasons for a smile # 1 :: Crochet book

  1. Looks a really lovely book and a worthwhile purchase. And yes, comprehensible is the right word.

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