Carel Kraayenhof ensemble       (Source photo: http://www.carelkraayenhof.nl/carel-kraayenhof-ensemble/)

Last Friday K and I did something cultural, we went to the theatre. We don’t go often, but this was a belated treat for my birthday. As I really love tango, and I got K in tango too, we went to see and listen to the artist Carel Kraayenhof. He plays the bandoneon beautifully. Kraayenhof is the one who made princess Maxima (now our queen) cry at her wedding. By the way, if you want to see how a proper royal kiss looks like, have a look here. No offence, but that kiss William and Kate gave each other … When looking at WimLex and Max’s kiss you can blink and they are still kissing when you have finished blinking.
tango_nacht_c_g.steffenNow, about tango. What I like is Argentinian tango, not ballroom tango. Is there a difference, you wonder. There most certainly is. When dancing the ballroom version your bodies don’t touch, but with Argentinian tango your head and body are touching each other. This means when learning the tango, you need a partner you feel comfortable with. When I had lessons I also liked it to dance with a man who had my length. My teacher was a shortie, I loved to dance with him!
The pic above was taken in Berlin (not by me), in the Summer there were tango-salons on the street. When I was in Berlin a couple of years ago we visited this salon, and it was so lovely to watch the people dance. I didn’t dance that night as I was too shy, but I did enjoy the other people dancing. The atmosphere was so peaceful and friendly. Ahh, I miss that …


PS: Two nice tango-flims:
The Tango Lesson by Sally Potter and
Tango by Carlos Sauro


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