A tribute to nursing staff

weather IMG_0828 IMG_0829On this crispy, chilly morning, for the second time this year, I brought my Dad to a nursing home. And this morning it was just me and my Mum, as my sister lives too far away to drive up and down for the day and both she and my little brother had to go to work. When my Dad was admitted in January he was still on the waiting list to return to the nursing home in his birth village, the village he was born, raised and has lived his entire live. In that home he knows people, people from the same village, people who have about the same age and same disease as my Dad.
Moving him ‘back’ has both advantages and disadvantages. To my Mum, and to lots of other family members, it is a positive step as they now can walk to the home to visit him. But for my Dad, I don’t know, as he has to get used to new faces, a new daily routine and new nurses. Now, the nurses in nursing homes, my o my, they all deserve a freakin medal. They sure do. The way they take care of my Dad, the patience they have with him -and with other patients-, they all work so darn hard, for way too little money. Even when our stupid government announces cutbacks after cutbacks for our the healthcare, they do their work with a smile on their face. So this bunch of flowers is for them.
bos bloemenBoth my Mum and I had no idea how it all would turn out today. Do we get him into my little  car, will he panic, or will be excited, doe she knows he is going ‘home’? And what when we arrive at the nursing home, how would he react? But we were worried for nothing as it all went pretty well. I was slightly prepared in case I needed to distract him and had bought a nice piece of chocolate, as I know he likes that. I also know he sometimes put the chocolate in his trouser pockets (really, the things we find in his pockets ….).ChocolatMy Mum took place at the back seat of my car and my Dad wanted to sit next to her. When she helped him with the seatbelt she felt something in his pockets, which she removed: a spoon, a pen and a pair of glasses (not his). Well …
In the nursing home it all went well as he even recognized some people and he enjoyed a piece of chocolate with the coffee. Fingers crossed that it’ll all turns out for the best. IMG_0839IMG_0841Before I went home later that afternoon I had a quick visit to the second-hand shop. Simply couldn’t resist, you know me by now, don’t you?tea potI was looking for a tea-pot with a fat belly, you see, so that I can make teapot cosy’s, and look what I have found? Not only a pretty cup and saucer with cute flowers plus two plant pots, but also a tea-pot with a fat belly. And the whole lot costed me only €3,50. Happy days.


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4 Responses to A tribute to nursing staff

  1. notewords says:

    Glad things went well. Those nurses really do deserve medals, every one of them.

  2. Wilma says:

    We were also relieved that it went well. We will bring the nurses some cake and a nice card to thank them. The did a good job!!

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