Itchy fingers

My fingers are itchy. They want to start something new as they are a bit bored with the giant granny square. O dear. That one is now about 77 centimeters square and I want it to become about one meter, or probably even bigger. Big enough for the backseat of my Noddy car. Giant granny squareBut really, I am Só DoNe with it …. I wish it was finished, but it is still not big enough. * Sigh *
So yes, I need to make a couple of more rows as a blanket of only 77 square cm is useless. A tiny bit too small, even for a short person like me little car like the one I have.
Others hookers know how it feels: you’re working on something that is nearly finished and you simply cannot wait to start another project. But what about all of those other WiP’s?
rode sjaalLike my train project, for example, it’s going to be a giant shawl. Well, this WiP doesn’t really count as I only work on it during my train-travels. It’s going to be a simple shawl, just trebles, many rows of trebles. Every block is one ball of yarn and I am using different brands of yarn, wich means one block is bigger than the other one. It’s a perfect stash project and also a perfect project while travelling as I don’t have to carry around a lot of yarn. The red that I’ve used for this shawl is exactly one ball of Cygnet DK Cranberry. I am planning to use several shades of red, pink and beige.
Hexagon blanketHexagons blanketAnd what to think of my hexagon Autumn-blanket. I am still not sure whether to use dark red in it or not. I think it might look nice as Autumn has many red colours when the season changes the shades of the leaves.
The rest of the blanket is going to be made with several shades of brown, a bit of blue and dark purple, copper and grape. Ow, and green, of course. I might seem a bit odd to work on an Autumn-blanket with Spring knocking on the door, but these deep colours never bore me.
Blanket cotton Patchwork cottonThen there is that cotton blanket. Two, actually (lovely socks, btw). The one with the tulips in it I started when I just learned to crochet. I might finish it till the blanket is just as long as it is wide. Hmmm, must think about that one. The other one, well, you see that is going to a patchwork blanket. I think. Or maybe a cushion cover? Or a Summer Shawl? Know what, let’s put it back in the basket. Both of them.
granny squares shawlAah, and then there is this little WiP. A shawl? A blanket? I don’t know yet. This is all acrylic yarn, and I don’t even know why I started it. It doesn’t look bad, though.
Of course there are other WiP’s I haven’t even shown you.
Maybe I should make a list. After all, I am good in making lists.
Yes, a list is a good idea!
1> finish giant granny square
2> finish daisy cushion cover
3> finish hexagon Autumn blanket (I might swap this one with no. 1)
4> finish the rest …


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