Big City

bridgeZunderdorpThis Friday I was utterly proud of myself. Why, you might ask. Well, I drove all by myself to Amsterdam. ‘Duhh, big deal’,  I can here you think. Well, yes, to me it wás a big deal as I am very unsecure when driving to a busy city, and driving a distance I have never ever driven before. But thanks to my TomTom I found it without any problems and I was way too early. Now that was on purpose. I calculated extra time, so I didn’t have to stress about being late for the appointment. No traffic jams for me. And I hate being late.
Zunderdorp I had this meeting at Zunderdorp, a little hamlet outside Amsterdam, but it is part of the big city. And my o my, Zunderdorp is so lovely! As I was early I had a little stroll in the area and I took some photos. Now, I must apologize about the poor quality of the photos, I took these with my mobile phone.ZunderdorpAmsterdam Zunderdorp is filled with the most cute wooden houses, a.k.a. Zaanse huisjes. It is hard to believe that all this beauty is only minutes away from that busy capital city.View ZunderdorpA great view over the green landscape and a pink sunset. ZunderdorpfarmZunderdorpSome glimpse of Spring and beautiful farmhouses. What a pleasure it must be to live here.

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