Hello! I hope you all had a nice weekend. We even had some sunshine in the village, on Sunday. K and I had plans, as we were planning to visit the Emigration fair, we had free tickets. Well, we did not go, as my lip was all swollen thanks to cold sores. I had three (three!!) painful blisters on my upper lip and I looked absolutely ridiculous. I think I would have scared people so we stayed at home. You see the picture? Little children look at me and then start to cry and scream for their mother? Something like that.
Big granny square blanketAnd so, with a sore mouth I continued to work on my big granny square blanket, which is an absolute joy to work on. After every row I turn the square and the square has still very straight edges, not wonky at all. I added two extra colours and I am now using seven shades of blue, plus beige, white and tweed beige.Big granny square blanketBig granny squareIt’s growing rapidly -it now has the size of a cushion cover- and how much fun it is to make something that is finished so fast. But my next project is going to be another blanket, a project that needs more time. Another ripple, I think, or a second V-stitch blanket, in rustic colours. Noooo, S T O P  right here! Must finish the current WiP’s first, befóre I can start  I am allowed to start something new. Oookaay, that hurts …. But I must be firm. Very firm indeed. It’s hard though, as I really, really, really want to start playing with my new and lovely birthday yarn. yarnSometimes, when I pass that box, I do believe I can hear these balls of yarn whisper … please, get us out of here, make something with us, we are so unhappy over here locked up in this box
I kid you not.


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6 Responses to Plans

  1. I like your granny blanket. My sort of colours!

  2. Corine, that is looking gorgeous. I like the variegated and tweedy yarns and the colours. It will be beautiful. I know what you mean about temptation though and I am being stern with myself to finish my hexagon blanket and my ripple before starting anything else. Its hard though 🙂

  3. corine24 says:

    Thanks, and yes, it’s hard. 😉

  4. Hi. I really enjoy your daily creativity and reading your blog so I nominated you for Liebster Award!! The details of which you can find here: . Hope you don’t mind…Personally I’m not good with things like that…(and it took me a while to respond to my nomination) but I guess there is nothing wrong with getting to know each other a little bit more 🙂

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