A glimpse of Spring

Narcis1 We finally had some blooming flowers this week. I planted these flower bulbs ages ago, in October, and so far, nothing. I almost threw them away, but then …. suddenly … flowers! Maybe I am just a very impatient girl. Nope, I don’t do patient.Narcis2Oohh, aren’t these cuties lovely? I have the mini version of narcissus, they are utterly adorable, I must say.
Blauwe druifjesAnd look, even the grape hyacinths are showing their little treasures. That lovely light lavender colour and these tiny bells make that grape hyacinths are one my favourite flowers.
Outside it still Winter, with coldness, a nasty wind and a bit of snow now and then. Which means I stay indoors with my yarn and my crochet hook. Tweed kussen voorI made another cushion cover, a simple one in tweed. Aahh, do I love tweed yarn, or do I love tweed yarn? Yes, I most certainly do. This cushion cover on the photos needs a 50 cm square inner pillow, which I don’t have, so it looks a bit wobbly (but it isn’t).Tweed kussen achter I am done with cushion covers for now, I want to make something else. Well, I guess it is time to continue working on some blankets now, just for the variation. Making blankets gives me always so much pleasure, I just cannot imagine I get ever tired of that. My head is bubbling with new ideas for blankets, and that is probably why I now have about six BiP’s (Blankets-in-Progress) all over the house. This morning I started number six. It is all to blame to Pinterest and my stash of yarn, of course.
I am having a bit of trouble to finish the V-cluster stitch blanket and I know why that is. V cluster stitch blanketI do love crocheting that stitch but it’s the bright colours that gets in my way. Mind you, that V-stitch blanket is for sale, btw, I tell you more about it later.
When snooping around at Pinterest I came across with this lovely blanket. A huge granny square blanket. Now, I am usually not very fond of these big, only one square, blankets, but I wanted to make one anyway. Big one squares tend to go all wonky and crooked, you see, and I know this because I’ve tried it before. However, these problems are now over as this lady gives the perfect solution: turn you work after every row. And that is what I do. Look how straight the edges are! There is one thing I do differently, I don’t make the chain1 between the groups of three trebles (USA: dc). In my humble opinion you get a firmer square that way.
Big granny square beginningThe other thing is, all the examples I have seen are all very, very colourful. Not my kind of style. And then I thought, what if I only use a couple of colours? Like several shades of blue? Plus a bit of white and beige? So far I like what I have made, and see. Hmmm, this could become an Ocean & Beach blanket, don’t you think? I am sure it’ll be ready for Summer, for a nice a sunny day on at the beach.

Have a nice weekend!

Daan IMG_0759

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3 Responses to A glimpse of Spring

  1. lassy says:

    just don’t eat them šŸ˜‰

  2. BellaKarma says:

    Oh my, I am so obsessed with making blankets — I just need to learn to discipline myself into finishing them! So many started……
    Your two feline friends look so much like my two! Too cute!

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