A Birthday Present

Happy Birthday To Me ….
WolpleinHappy Birthday To Meee …..
Yarn Happy Birthdaaaaay … dear Coriiiiiiiiine ….
IMG_0619Happy Birthday To Meeee!
YarnHip Hip ….
PipHip Hip (Pip Pip) ….
YarnHip Hip ….
As we say in The Netherlands: sometimes you have to tickle yourself. And as it is my birthday that is exactly what I did. And I sure laughed and smiled when this box arrived.
I ordered got the most luscious yarn for a birthday present, like Drops Lima and Nepal, and some lovely Drops Cotton Merino. In the most divine and stunning colours.

I already know what to make with this precious gift: A couple of new blankets with the Stylecraft yarn, some cushion covers with the Lima and Nepal, hot water bottle covers (I really do have nice design in my head for this), a wreath or two with the merino … Ooww, how lovely and soft that merino is. It’s the first time I bought got a few balls as I never could afford it, but now I know what I have missed all that time. This is yummy scrummy yarn. And the colours, look at the colours: lavender and beige, and denim and ice blue. Beautiful shades. I already made a nice flower with it, for one of my wreaths. That wreath I’ll make with other yarn I have, also cotton but not so soft as the merino, in soft and light, earthy tones.

Well, I am off now, must eat some cake and cuddle my yarn. Ta ra! xxSneeuw op verjaardag 2012Sneeuw verjaardag 2012PS: Theses  pics I took on my birthday back in 2012. That afternoon it started to snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow. I loved it. What a pretty sight, isn’t it? I had snow for my birthday!

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10 Responses to A Birthday Present

  1. Happy Birthday Corine! What a lovely present – the best birthday gifts are quite often the ones you choose yourself (especially when yarn is involved!). Have a lovely day xxx

  2. Ik heb je post nog niet eens gelezen, maar van die foto word ik al blij! WOLPLEIN!

  3. Prachtige kleuren!!! Echte yarnporn die foto’s haha. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Ik ben vandaag flink geslaagd bij de Wibra of all places.

  4. Happy birthday! Lovely snow pictures.

  5. BellaKarma says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! What fun! Love the cat in the box. 🙂

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