Still Winter

IMG_0736It’s still Winter on this side of the pond. Which means it is cold, grey and wet. It rains a bit and we have some snow, that melts rapidly, unfortunately. When I looked out of the window this very morning  I saw a tiny bit of snow on the roof of our back-neighbours house and on our garage, but now it’s gone. WinterIt’s not enough. I want more snow. Yes, I do. Well, who knows, maybe later this month. I keep hoping. When I look at these photos I notice how green our garden still is. It should be white. Come one, it’s WinTeR, give me SnoW!
Ripple cushionWhen not looking at snow I crochet. And so the weekend involved some hooky-time. Business as usual. I finished my second cushion-cover-for-Mum, the brown and beige ripple and this time it’s a bit smaller as I only had a 40 cm square pillow for it.ripple cushionripple cushion I ran out of Stylecrafts Walnut and Parchment, which I used for my first cushion cover, so I had to go to my stash and look for other yarn. So for this cover I used Pingouin Ebene and Naturel, a very soft acrylic yarn. That ripple stitch is a lovely stitch to make and I know I’ll make some more cushion covers and blankets with this stitch. In other colours, though, as although I do like brown and beige, this combination is a bit too retro for me. Very seventies indeed. Still, I am pleased how the cover turned out. Cute and cozy.
This cutie one is almost entirely made during my train travels. How effective a train ride can be.


PS: The pattern comes from the book: 100 colourful granny squares to crochet by Leonie Morgan.

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