That was January

HyacinthIt’s the last day of January. So fast time goes by. When I walked into the living room this morning the first thing I noticed was the smell of my hyacinth. That luscious smell of Spring filled the room, and there is more to come, as not all flowers are blooming yet. Spring looks far away, though, when you look outside. After all it is still Winter!
The weekend began with a bit of snow, and on Thursday we had some serious thunder and lightning and hail. I still hope we get a bit of proper snow, the dry stuff, you know what I mean? Well, you never know what February brings us. Which reminds me: I still don’t have a 2015 calendar. Haven’t found any cheap one I like so far.snowSnow always makes the landscape so beautiful and I just like this season. Now, snow and storms like this are a perfect excuse to stay indoors with some yarn and a crochet hook. Not that I need an excuse, of course.
granny's I finished my cushion cover and I am very pleased about it. I do like those grey shades with the soft colours.cushionFor the back I decided to make something else. No granny squares but granny stripes. One row of grey, two rows of colours. Very simple but highly effective.cushionAfter finishing the granny’s I made a couple of rows of granny stripes around these squares and then I made the rest of the stripes. I made one row with only trebles (dc in US). All the colours I used in the squares come back in the stripes.IMG_0714So, time to show you the cushion cover:
cushioncushion granny stripesDo you like it? I must say I do. This combination gave me some new ideas, perhaps a blanket with grey, pink and green?
cushion granny squaresFor this cushion cover I have used different brands of yarn, like I usually do and the cushion measures 45 cm x 45 cm.
Now, what to do next? Finish my current WiP’s or start something new …?


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3 Responses to That was January

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  2. I like your combination of double colour stripes with single grey ones for the back of the cushion. I must remember it for future projects.

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