Two shades of grey

It is my day at home today. Which means I have lots of things to do: cleaning:: Like cleaning the house (a bit). Cleaning is not my hobby, but it must be done sometimes and when I’m done and see the black dirty water in the bucket I feel utterly pleased about myself. And the house smells like fresh lemons. book:: Studying (a lot) for an exam. I’ve lost my studying-mojo a long time ago, and that really is not good, because I still want need to pass a few exams. Maybe after passing this one in February I’ll get my mojo back …,IMG_0672:: Drinking too much coffee and cappuccino and of course some hooking-business when I am done with my to-do-list.  As it is drizzling outside and very windy this is just a perfect good day to spend indoors, and that is exactly what I am planning to do.yarnOn Tuesday I started something new, a cushion cover. Making blankets I still love very much, but I like to make smaller items, too. It goes faster than a blanket, of course, and it gives a quicker result. And so I filled my little basket with some yarn for this new project and I totally ignored my inner voice screaming: “Do go finish your other WiP’s first!!”* Naaahh … don’t think so. Not now.
But isn’t this a pretty sight? I love a basket filled with yarn soooo much, it gives me so much pleasure just to look at it! And in my head I already see the project finished and happy lying on my, or someone else’s, sofa or chair.granny squaresgranny squaresFor this cushion cover I came up with a granny square I figured out myself, by looking at pictures I found on the internet, and I do like the outcome of it. This time I am also using a colour I don’t use very often: grey. Two shades to be precise. The last round of grey is a bit of a mixed/blended grey, which I like very much. It gives the yarn a tweed-ish look. The pattern is an easy one and I am going to use the join-as-you-go-method, as I usually do. IMG_0662There is my first granny and I finished only one granny just to see how big the granny is. It’s about 10 cm square.  Now, I have a 45 cm square pillow for it, so I must add some extra rows when I have joined all sixteen granny’s together. granny squareI am using different brands of yarn as always, lots of them are leftovers. The pink in the granny above is Drops Nepal. Ooow, I do love that yarn! I am also using some Cygnet Aran grape Cygnet DK Bluebell, some Scheepjeswol Roma lime and a few other brands. All the centres will get a soft colour, no bright colours in this cushion cover. No way.
When I think of it, the granny looks like a daisy granny. Hmm, that reminds me, I still have another cushion cover to finish …
Daisy cushion 14

*WiP = Work in Progress …

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One Response to Two shades of grey

  1. I love your squares Corine – the two greys together really set off the lighter centres. I am really wanting to do a granny square project now xxxx

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