Finished :: Green Cowl-Neck Poncho

This weekend I crocheted my butt of, as I wanted to finish my green poncho. And I did! Just not in time, though. I wanted it to wear it on Saturday as we were planning to go to my sister’s birthday. O. M. G., I cannot believe I have now a fifty year old sister!! Sis was lucky as she had a white birthday. Yes, we had finally had some snow.
snowDoesn’t that look pretty?
As me now being a crocheteer I thought it would be nice to make sis birthday card. And so I did. With a 2mm hook. I’m not used to work with such a small hook, so it was it bit of a fiddly job to do.
birthday cardDo you like it, the tiny buntings? Anyway, back to my poncho. As there were not enough hours in that Saturday I finished the poncho on Sunday. It is the second poncho I made but this time I did it differently. I combined the original pattern – only granny stripes-  with ordinary trebles. The cowl-neck is from Simply Crochet magazine, no. 25, the rest is my own imagination. I have noticed that a lot of people who make this poncho make adjustments. Most of them make the poncho longer, like I did too, and they make another border. So did I.Drops yarnI made the cowl neck with a 6 mm hook and the body with a 5 mm hook. This meant I thought I needed to make more rows than with my first poncho (that was made with 7 and 6 mm hooks) to get the desired length. You know I want my ponchos to cover my arms. They must keep me warm all the way. But when I counted them I counted 39 rows, just like my other poncho. Well ….ponchoFor the border I added some other colours and I used Drops Lima ice blue (8112), grey blue (6235) and light brown (5310). Nepal ice blue and medium blueThat ice blue is such a pretty colour, I must make more items with that. A yummy scrummy colour indeed.
For the rest of the poncho I used different brand of yarns, some are now discontinued, like the Scheepjeswol Ahoy green and the Cascade green. Such a pity as they have that rustic, country-style tweed-ish look I love so much. As a finishing touch I made a useless cord with some flowers, just because I like the decoration. ponchoNow I must admit, I am not utterly satisfied with the flowers, I find them slightly too big, so I might make a few smaller ones with a smaller hook size.

So, here it is, in all it’s glory :: My Green Cowl-Neck Poncho …. ponchoIn real life the poncho has no bright colours, the light today is just not very good. It was hard to take descent photos. And as I look crap today K wasn’t allowed to photograph my pale face nor my black scruffy -with holes in it- homewear pants. But I was smiling, believe me.
ponchoIt is 68 cm long and  100 cm wide, big enough for me and to keep me warm when I need a bit of warmth. Pippi checks it out as it is also a very comfy cat blanket, she knows.
edgingponcho borderThe edging is kept very simple: with grey blue chain 1, skip 1 stitch, chain 1, etc.
Then with ice blue: chain 4, in the 1 space opening a slip stitch, chain 4, in the next open space a slip stitch, etc. In the corner I made a slip stitch, chain 4, slip stitch. That’s all.
On the pic above, with the corner, the colours look pretty good.  Oooww, that ice blue, my new favourite colour, I think …


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9 Responses to Finished :: Green Cowl-Neck Poncho

  1. Kier says:

    Beautiful work! Looks really snuggly 🙂

  2. Anne Marie says:

    It is beautiful, I really love the colours, they work very well. I have still not been able to get that pattern but have quite a lot of crochet on the go at the moment. I do want to crochet a jumper in the Icelandic wool from the neck down and am looking for a nice pattern for that.

  3. Brenda B. says:

    Wow–that is spectacular!! You did an amazing job. I have no imagination, so I have to follow what others do pattern wise and also putting colors together.. Thanks for sharing how you made this one–makes me think I might have to make another one also!!

  4. Beautiful poncho and it looks very cosy!

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