Winterland Waterland

IMG_0611high waterhigh waterRemember when I walked here last Summer, with Emmy? Well, I can swim here now. When I went to the city on Monday with the ferry I already noticed the water in the river and in the river forelands was much higher than usual. And today I just took a quick walk to photograph it. This high water is not new to us and sometimes the water in this area is so high that even in our garden we have a small ocean.Swimming poolbootswaterThis was in 2011, we just couldn’t believe it when we saw it, but half of our garden was under water. Luckily it is not that bad at the moment.
hatAnd it is also pretty cold on this site of the pond, not to say freeeezing. One thing that never lets me down is my hat. I bought the thing about fifteen years ago and I still love it to bits. It is so comfy and warm, and I really don’t care if it looks silly. So, on this very rare occasion I made a selfie and you can see at the red nose and the watery eyes I made this pic áfter my brisk walk.
bird's bathAfter that spectacular selfie I walked into the garden and saw the bird’s bath is frozen. It actually looks really nice, with those leaves in it.


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