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snowGood morning! How was your weekend? Did it involve snow? My weekend was snowless, but when I looked at my attic window this morning I saw some snow. Yay! Just a tiny bit as you can see on the pic, but I love it. I really enjoy a white world. I hope there is more snow ont its way.
yarn and strawberriesOn Friday I had a bit of retail shopping. The good thing about January is that lots of shops have sales. And then I found some yarn, half price so it was only two euros for six balls of yarn. Sorry, couldn’t resist. And I already know a project for it so it was a good buy!paperpaper with rosesAnd look at that pretty booklet for only 75 cents, it has the most amazing paper. For some reason paper makes me very happy. There were lots of other items on sale, everything with a yellow sticker was half price. So I left the shop before I got carried away.
Of course my weekend is not complete without a bit of yarn and a crochet hook. ponchoI made some progress with my poncho, but I had to frog a few rows as I made a mistake. ponchoThe different green yarns, yes, I am still very pleased with them. They are deep and dark green, and they have that tweed look I love so much. I might use some other colours on the border, just to make sure I won’t look like a complete forester who is chasing Little Red Riding Hood. cushion I also did some hooking on the train, it is the second cushion cover for my Mum. This time I use Pingouin yarn and it is ever so soft. This very Monday morning I was planning to write, like every Monday morning. But this time it was not the writing I had in mind as I had to write a letter to the Ministry of Justice to raise objections about a speeding ticket. CJII was caught on camera, driving too fast, in a town I have never been. How amazing is that? When K and I looked at the photo we noticed my car had a tow bar. That’s odd, since when does my car have a tow bar? We looked again and then realised this was NOT my car. Of course it wasn’t, I hadn’t been in that town. That day I hadn’t even left the village! Someone is driving around with my number plate and he can do anything he likes, as the speeding tickets end up at my doormat. So this morning I called the police and Wednesday I have to got to the police station to make a declaration. Yes, you have to make an appointment first. It all really pisses me very off (excuse my language) as it costs me a lot of time and annoyance. Anyway, I am allowed to feel a bit sorry for myself now so I need to crochet a bit. Just that’ll feel better soon.

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2 Responses to About writing …

  1. kiotta says:

    No snow at the moment, down here in Italy. You did very well at the market. So sorry for the speeding ticket, it happens dramatically often around here

  2. Hi Corine That is terrible about the ticket and the fraud – and the red tape in your country seems just as bad as it is in the UK! Loving your poncho – I am more tempted as each day passes but downloaded a pattern that is more of a tunic, so I might try that first. Have a very good week x Kathryn

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