A day off

Today I had an unexpected day off. So what does (wo)men do on a windy and rainy day like this?
Klin. psych. IIKlin. psych II open… you stay at home and you study as exams are coming up. It is a heavy book, 1518 (!) grams to be precise, and 848 pages. Pffftt …. Luckily I can skip a few pages, as that subject is for a next exam.
It’s tempting to keep the book closed and replace it for a crochet hook and some yarn, but I am firm to myself and I study for a couple of hours. It is interesting stuff tough.
Daisy makenDaisy cushion 14… you crochet a bit, after studying, work on current WiP’s and start WiP # nine (I think)  thanks to all the inspiration on the ‘net. Making these daisy’s is so much fun as it brings a tiny bit of that Spring feeling into the home. hyacinthhyacinthI have tried to bring Spring indoors with my hyacinths and grape hyacinths but that didn’t exactly work out. I might go back to the store with it as I am immensely disappointed with the poor quality of my flower bulbs.
hyacinth narcissenHowever, I have good hope for those two, another hyacinth and some narcissus, so I keep my fingers crossed.Poncho beginningCan you tell what I am making? ‘Course you can, as you’re clever peeps, it’s going to be a new poncho. One I’ll wear myself and not going to put up for sale. I am using my all time favourite colour green and this time no other colours than green and maybe, maybe a touch of brown, dark purple and dark beige. It is going to be a real, very comfy Autumn-Winter poncho and I am looking forward to wear it already. You never know, we might get a strict Winter with lots of snow (yay!). Mind you, I am totally running out of green yarn and I am on that darn yarn-diet. Guess I must sin, then.
IMG_0534… and last but certainly not least, you make something for a close -nearly 50 year old- relative (more about that next week). Cliffhanger it is!


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