Week 3

It wasn’t a very pleasant week, that second week of January, and that’s is truly an understatement. It was a week full of stress, lack of sleep, and rain. Now, the rain I can handle, but the rest … ahh well, just let us forget about it. Last week is history and a new week brings new challenges, new chances, new perspectives. And new socks. KniekousenSometimes a bit of retail therapy helps. Aren’t they the cutest? They are actually girls knee stockings, but they fit me too. Yes, being small is not all misery. At the moment I am wearing the blue spotted ones and every time I look down at my feet I smile.  Happy feet.
What also helps is a new crochet project. The advantage of not sleeping during the night is that you can think of crochet. Which I did.  A lot. Plenty of new projects crawled into my big tiny head during those restless dark hours.
I did finish a very fast crochet item for my Dad though, last week, who now lives in a nursing home. I have no idea whether he’s going to like it, but it is in blue and blue is what he likes. That we know. Unfortunately it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to turn out, but hey, sometimes that happens. I blame it on the stress.
Anyway, moving on to my next project. Starting something new is such a delight as it involves choosing a pattern and yarn. yarnSo I walk into my studio (it’s not really my studio, but most of my yarn stash lives there and so does my sewing machine), I put myself down onto the floor and look at my yarn (Pippi joined me and decided not to look at the yarn but to sit it: my hexagon blanket). And I ask myself: “Where the heck does all that yarn come from?” YarnAnd: “What to do with all those bright colours that are So Not Me?”
Pinterest had the answer to my questions. I saw this lovely blanket and I as I already wanted to make a sunburst granny square-blanket one day, I knew this was it. Well, for Project One, that is. Heather used all Stylecraft for her blanket, but I am going to spend the yarn I have. Can’t buy any. I think her blanket is absolutely amazing, and although I am not in to all of her used colours, together they all match perfectly well.
Sunburst yarnSunburst granny'sLuckily I do have similar colours, and I have always liked beige, brown, green and blue together. What do you think so far? I think it looks okay, I am pleased with the colours I have chosen and making sunburst granny’s is fun to do. I don’t really have a pattern, I just looked at some sunburst blankets on the ‘net and came up with my own pattern.
V stitch yarnFor Project Two I wanted to use my bright colours, the ones I don’t particularly like …. And I also wanted to learn something new, a new stitch. Yet again: Pinterest. Don’t you just love Pinterest? It is also a very tricky site as it can be very time-consuming, though. If you are, like me, a Pint-a-holic you know what I mean.
I spotted V stitch blankets. How cool are these! I found an instruction film on Youtube, looked at it and scrolled further. And then my eyes caught something else: V stitch clusters. Even better! This will make a lovely big, comfy blanket. V stitch first rowsThe V stitch cluster-stitch consumes a lot of yarn, which is perfect for me. This is the way to use as many of my bright colours as possible! It is an easy stitch to learn and so much fun. Right, this is blanket WIP no. five I now am working on. And I still have a cushion cover to make for my Mum. Busy, busy, busy, but that’s okay. Crochet cheers me up. You see, feeling better already.


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4 Responses to Week 3

  1. Susan says:

    Love your studio with all your books and wool and I love that you have projects in mind for your huge stash! The sunburst granny square blanket is going to be a stunner – I love the colors.
    I hope the 3rd week in January is much better for you than the 2nd and I hope you’re able to let go of whatever was causing you stress. Maybe taking time to work on some of your yarny projects will help you to relax a bit.

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Susan, crochet always helps! The sunburst granny and the V-cluster stitch are so much fun to do.
    The ‘studio’ is our little room above our cellar, in Dutch called ‘opkamer’ (the upper room in English?). I claimed it. 🙂

  3. Lovely new projects Corine. I love pinterest too but your description of yourself as a pint-aholic made me giggle. You are addicted to pints! Maybe pin-aholic is a bit less controversial 🙂 Hope your week goes well and thinking of you and your dad xxxxxxx

  4. Always love finding new, inspiring blogs! Thank you so much for linking back to my sunburst granny square project. Your sunburst granny blanket is going to be very beautiful, as is your v-cluster one. Marianne xx

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