New Year, New Project(s)

Hexagon yarnIn a previous blog post I wrote about my hexagon blanket to-be. As I couldn’t resist I started this blanket last Monday after my vacuum cleaner kind of broke down. Nothing serious, it could be repaired with some duct tape hooray for Duct tape!-, but as I thought that was a job for K (who wasn’t home) I decided to start my blanket. Yes, I know, I am very good in making up excuses for not doing domestic chores. Ahh, well ….
Hexagon yarnI saw several nice patterns of hexagons on the internet but nothing that I wanted to copy. And so I came up with my own. Nothing fancy though, I just wanted a simple pattern. I already knew that the center of the hex had to be brown. With all the centers in the same colour it keeps the blanket calm. For the rest of the blanket I decided to use muted colours, just my kind of style. And they had to come from my stash boxes, as I am not buying any new yarn for this blanket. Still on that yarn diet, you know… The pics above are a bit overexposed due to the poor light outside. The blue is actually dark blue and not bright blue. It looks slightly better in the bag, see the photo below. Of course I added lots of green.
Hexagon yarn in bagAfter finishing two hexagons with brown in the middle I changed my mind. The hexagons had to be in one colour. Nope, no brown in the middle, it just didn’t feel right. So both hexa’s had to be frogged.
Hexagons blanketI started all over again with olive, a colour I truly love. The next hexa’s were brown and lavender. So, what do you think? Does it look good, so far? Okay-ish? I think it does.
SAMSUNGMeanwhile I also worked on a cushion cover for my Mum, the walnut & parchment one. I did a bit of crochet in the train, and a bit of crochet in bed. It went really fast, this little project, and I finished it last weekend. Cushion cover Yay, my first crochet item for this year finished! I added some wooden buttons and overall I was pleased how the cover turned out. It has a bit of a Seventies-retro-look, but hey, it’s what my Mum wanted. I need to make another one, as she wants two of these. Allrighty then, then.
So, here is a bit of a ta-dah moment coming:
Ma-kussen  Ta-daaaahhhh!! One ripple cushion cover.
Ripple cushion coverThis is a 45 x 45 cm size cushion, in Stylecraft’s walnut and parchment. Love the wooden buttons, they match with almost anything.




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