Finished :: Hot water bottle cover

Five coloursAbout two weeks ago I got an e-mail from one of my teachers who asked me if I wanted to crochet something for her. Something specific. Yes, of course, I’d be honored. My first crochet assignment was a fact.
What she needed/wanted was a cover for her hot water bottle. I never had shown any interest in hot water bottle covers before as I don’t own one of those things myself, but when I started to look at Pinterest for some examples a new world opened up to me. They are cute, I want to make one for myself!
IMG_0160She also sent me some examples of covers she liked and she told me she likes soft colours, like white, pink but also wine red. And she likes granny squares. So granny squares it is. Now, I must say I was a bit nervous to make this because what if she didn’t like what I made? Well, I guess I have to make her another one then. No punishment that would be as making hwb-covers is a fun thing to do I soon discovered.
First job to do: finding yarn. I started to look for some nice colours in my boxes and bags and guess what: I found a ball of yarn called ‘Red Wine’ by Hobbytime. This one I had bought in England a few months ago. Good choice.
As always I used the fabulous join-as-you-go way to join the squares, as you can see the cover grow while making it. Love that method. At first I had made a mall for the measuring bit, but then I decided to buy treat me on a hwb myself as I already knew I would make more of these covers.
IMG_0162It was also the first time I use Stylecraft, which I now can compare to my all-time favourite Cygnet DK. Stylecraft is a bit thinner than Cygnet, but also very soft and lovely to work with. In this project I used Pale Rose. There is also some Cygnet added, namely Coral.
HWB-coverWhile working on this cover I completely ignored and neglected my Cosy Country Blanket, however ….Cowl-neck ponchoI did work on my poncho, on the pic above nearly twenty-six rows long.
HWB-cover neckAnyway, back to the HWB-cover, as I have got a bit of a ta-daaaahhhh moment now coming, as my her hot water bottle cover is finished! HWB-cover neckThe neck gave me a bit of brain-racking but in the end it all worked out. And hey, it was the first time I made a cover like this. I made a couple of rows in double crochet (sc in USA) and for the final row a shell stitch was needed.
Are you ready?


Yes? …. Because here it comes …..

My first HotWaterBottleCover …

HWB-cover finished                                                                Ta-DaaaaHH!!!
HWB-cover finishedAnd here you can see the other side of the cover. BTW: did you notice the hanging coat-stand? It only took us -well, K- six years to hang it on to the wall … And I bought the bloody thing about ten (!) years ago, but it is now finally where it should be. In the hall. It is not only perfect for coats, but also perfect for showing new made hot water bottle-covers.

Now, some HWBcover-facts then:
This cover is big enough for a Fashy-hwb.
Measurements ::
18 x 29 cm. I made it quite tight as acrylic will stretch a bit. The neck is 6 cm high.

Yarn used ::
Pingouin pingofine – blanc.
Stylecraft – pale rose.
Cygnet DK – coral.
HEMA – pink.
Hobbytime – wine red.

Hours it took me to make this ::
Not sure, about fifteen to twenty. More then I expected.
wrappedAll wrapped up for delivery. I thought a little crochet flower is nice on the wrapping paper.

HWB-coverAlrightythen, one more photo. Because the colours look really good on this one.
Happy Happy Happy ….

Edit to add: Due to family circumstances I had to postpone this “Finished”-post a couple of weeks, as I couldn’t hand the hwb-cover over. I wrote this post about three weeks ago, but I wanted to post it here after giving the hwb-cover. So sorry for the delay!

PS: She liked it! Pffffeww …

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2 Responses to Finished :: Hot water bottle cover

  1. Very pretty. No surprise she liked it!

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you! 🙂

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