New Year’s Resolutions and Setting New Goals

January 2015Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years’ Eve in good health. January 2015 is a fact. Its is the last page on my calendar, and unfortunately I don’t have a new one. You only get these free calendars from CL and CH&I  in the UK. Bummer.
K and I stayed at home, as we simply didn’t make any plans. Two years ago we stayed overnight in this beautiful hotel in Mechelen, a former church, and the year before that we were in Cologne, Germany. So maybe this year we also go away, but as I said, last night we stayed at home. OliebollenWe ate oliebollen, a Dutch new years’ eve tradition, and watched the new year’s eve conferences (one man shows) on tv.
A new year requires new goals. I know many people don’t make new year resolutions, but I do and call them goals. I write them down and add dates when I want to accomplish my goals. Sometimes I reach the goal, sometimes I don’t. And then I asked myself why I didn’t do want I wanted to do.  It can be as clear as a day. Lack of self discipline, not enough time, or some silly excuses I made. And sometimes the goal is just not working for me any longer, which is fine, too.cushion covercappuccinoOf course this year has a quite a few crochet goals. This morning I made the first stitches of crochet this year, I continued working on my Mum’s cushion cover, combined with a first cup of cappuccino. Ahh, bliss. And I have so many projects in my head I want to make. I think 2015 will be too short for everything I want to make. Agenda 2015But hey, I finally can start using my pretty crochet-agenda. Yay!oliebollenWell, the bowl is empty, we ate the last two for breakfast. Better start to write some goals down and do some work now!

Have a nice day!

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