My car …

sky SAMSUNG SAMSUNGYesterday I was sitting in my little Noddy-car, waiting for the barriers to close. I was on my way to my parents house, as we had a meeting in the nursing home at eleven am. On this trip I always pass a sluice and this time a ship had to go through it. And so I waited and listened to the radio. While I was waiting I saw that the sky was beautiful, with some sunlight behind the clouds and I just had to take some photos. So I rolled down the window (yes, the old-fashioned handwork) and took some pics. The ship moved on and so I continued my trip. I started the car and then …. nothing. Ehm … HELP? Other cars drove past me when I was standing there on the road slightly panicking. HELLLP! Luckily a car stopped and two men got out. They helped me to push the car on to the little parkingsite near the sluice. Thank You, Thank You!! I called K, so he could call my Mum to tell her I’d be late, and I called the ANWB, that’s the AA in the UK, and waited.
Cushion covercrochet in carWhile waiting I frogged my Mum’s cushion cover as it was too big anyway, and I started all over again. You see, never leave the house without yarn and a crochet hook.
fence It was freezing cold in the car and I missed my car blanket so I decided to walk around a bit while waiting for the ANWB and took some more photos. Fifteen minutes later he arrived (I think people who work for the ANWB/AA are the most appreciated people), and so did K (he brought me a blanket, bless him) and about ten minutes later I could continue my journey.  Pfffeww …
I made it just in time for the appointment (’cause of some traffic violations) and after the meeting my Mum, my little brother and me went to her house to have a coffee. And then I discovered my mobile phone was gone. It was not in my purse, not in my coat, not in my car. I said a bad word, or two. Little brother and me drove back to the nursing home, he looked outside on the parking space and I went inside to ask if anyone had found my phone. Nope, no phone was handed in. The receptionist took me to the room were we had our meeting and … there it was: under the chair. It must have fallen out of my pocket. Pfeeww…

Have a nice New Year’s Eve!SAMSUNGxx

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2 Responses to My car …

  1. Wilma says:

    Quite a day.

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