The days after

From windowYesterday, the day after Boxing Day (in The Netherlands called ‘second Christmas-day’) it started to snow. I like snow, especially when it is proper snow, the dry stuff, not the white slushy bit. The snow that makes that crispy sound when you walk through it and that is good enough to make decent snowballs and snowmen. The photo above I took from my dormer window. When I opened it a lot of snow fell into the room. Sigh ….
snowIt is nearly 2015 and for me it is time to look back. I’ll write more about that in a next post, later this week, as I only now want to mention nice things in thรญs post. 2014 wasn’t only joy and fun, no, it wasn’t. But I like to focus on the positive things in live, the events that make me happy and smile. Like a snowy day late December.
DaanOn Christmas Day I spent the day at my parents house. The complete family was there, because we all knew this was the last time with our Dad there. The atmosphere was tense, as everyone was walking on eggshells, but there was also laughter. And a bit of creativity as you can see on the pic below.
nailsMy thirteen year old niece thought it was the perfect moment to paint auntie Corine’s nails. She wanted to make the British flag. How does she know I am absolutely crazy about England? Dunno, really. Well, she did a marvellous job, if I may say so.
And yes, I brought my filled crochet-basket with me. It made my sister laugh as it reminded her of our little grandmother (yes, she was short!), she used to crochet or knitted when visiting us.
After finishing my Cosy Country Blanket I didn’t wanted to start working on a new blanket again. That is a project for the new year. I can already tell you that I am planning to make a hexagon blanket. Yes, the colours are all selected and sorted out in the bag! But first there is a smaller item to make. Something that goes a big quicker than a blanket, something less time consuming. Now, my Mum asked me if I can make a cushion cover for her. Yes, of course I can. She wants one in a ripple pattern and if possible in brown, and when she saw my Stylecraft parchment she said she liked that colour. I like parchment, too –I love that colour!-, but parchment is not brown, mother dear! ripple cushion coverLuckily I also have a ball of walnut (I forgot to tell you, I bought some Stylecraft yarn earlier this week, totally by accident). So this will be my second crochet assignment :: a ripple cushion cover in brown and parchment.
cushion coverNow, this post is also a bit of a “Finished!”-post as I made รกnd finished something. Something I am utterly happy and smitten about it. I just love the tweed yarn and especially the muted colours of this particular hooky project. You probably recognize the colours as they are same I used for my Cosy Country Blanket.
Tweed yarn cushionI took some of the pics in the evening so I am very sorry for the poor light. Do you like it? I LOVE IT. In my humble opinion it looks great.
The side with the granny squares is my favorite side. ๐Ÿ™‚ I closed the cushion cover with simple wooden buttons. I do think they work best here. It is a rather big cushion, a 50 x 50 cm square size, which I like as I prefer my cushions big.
Tweed yarn cushionTweed yarn cushionTweed yarn cushionHere are some photos I took this morning. The light is slightly better.

Have a nice New Years Eve and see you next year!

PS: Look at the size of that icicle. Even Daan is impressed!IMG_0373

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6 Responses to The days after

  1. Ooh i love that cushion ๐Ÿ™‚ i adore the colours too! I’m like you i prefer the subtler shades rather than riots of colour, haha. They look lovely in everyone else’s house, just not mine ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  2. Kathryn says:

    I am sorry to hear about your Dad – we had a similar Christmas two years ago, the last one with my mum – it is hard. I wish I had rediscovered crochet for that year as it would have helped. I love your cushion – I think there may be some cushion crochet in my plans for 2015 xxx Kathryn

  3. Wilma says:

    I will pass on the compliment of the nails. โ˜บ๏ธ

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