Finished :: Cosy Country Blanket

Tweed yarnLast night I finished my Cosy Country Blanket. Yay! I am so happy the work is finally done, because I have lots of other projects in my head. And to honest: I always get in a hurry when a blanket is coming to an end. For some reason I get a bit bored when a project is nearly finished, you know, it’s that famous last straw that breaks the camel’s back.
This blanket started out as Lucy’s CAL. CAL means crochet along (or in Dutch: haak maar aan of haak maar mee) which means many people crochet the same item, all over the world. Lucy made her blanket with what she calls her cosy colours. Now I am sorry, but these colours are not all my taste, they are an itsy-bitsy too bright for me. And as I was looking for a destination for my lovely tweed yarn I knew my blanket was going to slightly different. CAL CCBThe original pattern contains stripes, to be precise: two rows are one stripe. I, however, wanted to make bigger stripes, which meant more rows of one colour. And so I did, as the tweed gave me exactly that look I wanted. IMG_0318Some of my ‘stripes’ are eight rows long, or four, or six. It gave the blanket a rather robust look. A country look. A blanket for a log cabin, sitting on the floor near the fire while outside the snow is slowly covering the pine trees (now, bear in mind, it’s raining outside on this side of the pond and we don’t have pine trees, so please do use your imagination). A new name was needed: Cosy Country Blanket.
The yarn was most comfortable to work with. Yummy yarn. For a country-girl (or at least I pretend to be) like me tweed yarn is such a pleasure to work with. I still have a fair amount of tweed left, till my own surprise, and I am really glad with that. Plenty of yarn for some cushion covers, or shawls, or …Cosy CALLucy made ever week fifteen rows, which I personally find quite a lot. I had also other things to work on, but hey, it is not a race and you can do a CAL in your own time. And that is exactly what I did.
Cosy CAL borderI had a lot of ideas for the edging, but in the end I decided to keep it simple. A blanket like this is not suitable for a frivolous border. On the bottom and top of the blanket I made one treble in each stitch (on the bottom between the trebles of the first row) and on the sides two trebles in each space. Then two rows of plain trebles all around the blanket, that’s all.
About the lime … I am still not happy with the lime I have used, it really is a thorn in my flesh but I have to deal with it. In the evening though, it looks much better, ’cause of the softer light, I think. Well, can’t and won’t start frogging the whole thing and there are only three stripes in lime. But overall, I am very pleased, and I love, love, the grape in it. So pretty that colour is. It turned out to be a very comfortable and snuggable (is that a word?) blanket, and lovely and warm.IMG_0323Well, I guess I am ready for the big reveal. My blanket is ready and so am I!
Cosy CAL readyTa-daaaahhh!!! My Cosy Country Blanket. It might look small on the bed, but it isn’t. We just happen to have a big bed. IMG_0320 IMG_0321 IMG_0322  IMG_0324Some hooky facts:
Measurements ::
143 cm x 167 cm. Big enough to snuggle under it. I am 163 cm tall/short, so it is absolutely big enough for me.
Yarn used ::
Tweed yarn in four shades: brown, beige, blue and green, and a bit of Cygnet grape, olive and lime.
Hook size ::
5 mm.
Weight ::
1509 grams

Bye now, must start a new project!

PS: My fellow CAL-hookers made lovely blankets. For inspiration have a look at Ravelry, group: We love Lucy.

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7 Responses to Finished :: Cosy Country Blanket

  1. OOhh it is gorgeous 🙂 it looks very snuggable! I’d love to make a cosy country blanket, but, a little confession here, i don’t like big projects, I’m an “instant gratification” kind off girl,I’m a lazy hooker 😉 and prefer to see my projects work up quickly haha. But kudos to you as it really is beautiful 🙂

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you! I am going to make some small things now, too. I made seven blankets this year, so that’ll do for now. 🙂

  3. Verónica says:

    Nice color palette.

  4. Its turned out beautifully Corine. I love your colour choices – even though my own blanket for the CAL is even brighter than the Attic24 one! I am planning to use some vintage softer colours in the New Year too – looking forward to reading about more of your projects xxx

  5. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Kathryn, your blanket looks great! Merry X-mas.

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