Busy, busy

I don’t like X-mas. Really, I don’t. The shops are overcrowded, there are no descent songs on the radio  (I have really had it with “Driving home for christmas …!) and, … well, X-mas is just not my thing. To me, it just gets in the way of my daily life. This year our family christmas has a grey edge, concerning the worries about my Dad. He’s deteriorate rapidly.  And we, the family, all know this will be the last X-mas we ‘celebrate’ together, as moving to a nursing home is knocking on the door loudly.
It keeps me awake at night, but hey, what can we do about it? Nothing. There is no cure for Alzheimer. Not yet. And it is such a weird disease. Last Saturday my Dad wore a brown shoe and a black shoe, without socks. He refused to wear a correct pair. I took a photo of it (not going to post it here). Maybe, one day we can laugh about that pic, but these days there are more tears than laughters.
What keeps me from becoming a nutcase myself these days is crochet. And that is what I do. I have almost finished my Cosy Country Blanket. Yay! That makes me glad as I have a gazillion other projects in my head to do and to make. I am now working on the edging. edgeThe plan was to start and end the blanket with tweed brown and then to make both sides also in that same brown. But when I was making the first side I soon realised I didn’t have enough yarn. I frogged the side and started to make a first edging row in green.
IMG_0312I went to the shop and hoped they still had a ball of tweed brown (it is often sold out) and it was my lucky day. They had plenty, so I bought two. Today I bought myself something nice. Well, I think it is nice:: a waffle maker. And although I was planning to eat a bit healthier, I wanted one of those machines. It was only 12,99 euro’s so that is not a lot. I might use wholemeal, that sounds already better/healthier, don’t you agree? Buttons IMG_0309Something else I bought was cheaper, on 49 cent per packet. Some lovely flower buttons. Aren’t these the cutest? I am not sure where to use them for but I am sure I’ll find a destination for them.
Anyway, I’m off now, must finish that blankie so I can write a “Finished!”-post.VestPs :: Do you like my new vest? My Mum knitted it for me. I love the vest, it is so comfy,  warm and cosy. Made of Katia Merino, a very soft yarn.


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6 Responses to Busy, busy

  1. Manon says:

    Ik denk aan je.

  2. Wilma says:

    Inderdaad moeilijk Corine. Nu je ermee te maken hebt veel erger dan ik altijd dacht.
    Trieste ziekte ook voor de naaste. We blijven ons best maar doen door er te zijn.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Ah, I am not alone in disliking Christmas for the same reasons as you. Ooops I now find I have another blog to follow and love reading about Holland and Germany, so hope I don’t bore you with my replies.

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