Finished :: Cowl-neck poncho

IMG_0101Remember when I started this project? It was about a week ago, on the 3rd of December. cowl neckOne of the fastest project ever! It was a real joy to work on this cowl-neck poncho. It was something new, something I had never made. The first part of the pattern comes from Simply Crochet no. 25, so due to copyright issues, which I respect, I will not write down the pattern. I had never done that front post and back post stitch before, but is was so much easier than I thought. The SC-pattern has sixteen rows of granny stripes but I made a few more. Wait, let me count the number of rows I made.
IMG_0233edge ponchoOkay, thirty-nine rows I it is. The edging consists of two rows of double crochet (that’s sc for US-people) and a row of scalloping.
I chose the colours at random. What I did was I took a few colours, placed them on the table and if I like that order I wrote that down. It was  a bit hard to see the colours at night so I did this during the day, when having good daylight.
flowers on ponchoAs a bit of decoration I made a simple cord to thread through the first spacey crochet rows at the cowl-neck edge. This cord is made with a long foundation chain, that’s all. Plus a few  green leaves (Drops Lima moss-green) and flowers. Of course the cord is utterly useless, but I like it, it gives the poncho just that tiny bit of extras ….
ponchoNow, are you ready for the BIG reveal? As here it comes …
poncho Ta-daaaahhh!! My cowl-neck poncho! Do you like it? Wearing this poncho is an absolute pleasure as it’s like being wrapped in a very comfortable, colourful blanket. It can be used outdoors on a not so chilly afternoon or on those early warm evenings in the Spring, or on the sofa to snuggle in it. Ow, it’s a pity I have to go out tonight. Bummer … As I am still in my pj’s at the moment I won’t post a pic me wearing it. Maybe later, when wearing my party dress …
So, facts time!

Measurements :: 104 cm wide and 78 cm long (without cowl-neck).
Weight :: 990 grams.
Balls of yarn :: nearly 20 balls of 50 grams.
Yarn used :: Drops Nepal, Drops Lima and Scheepjeswol Ahoy (is now discontinued). Along the process I left Cascade green out.
Pattern used :: A mixture of Simply Crochet’s pattern from issue 25 and my own. I do not claim this entire pattern as my own.
ponchoBye for now, tomorrow I have another “Finished” post. A busy weekend it is …
HyacinthPS: My hyacinth is blooming! Aren’t these little flowers the cutest?

Edit to add: Sorry, must wait till next Saturday to show you my other “Finished”-post.

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9 Responses to Finished :: Cowl-neck poncho

  1. eganj1 says:

    It looks great, all warm and cozy looking, great job

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Egan!

  3. I love the colours you’ve used and that you don’t have the fringes on the edges. Looks fab! x Kathryn

  4. it looks really beautiful. I especially like the collar part. It adds a lovely finish to the garment.

  5. corine24 says:

    Thanks! The collar feels great.

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  7. Lovely work and poncho! The colors are so pretty..

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