hailwetThis morning when I woke it was grey, cold and wet outside. And not just that, it started to hail and we had a bit of thunder. Can you see the hail on the table? Ah well, a perfect day to stay indoors, to make a nice hot cappuccino and to do some hooky stuff. CappuccinoJust what I did. I also wrote a “Finished!” post as I finished a project, an assignment. But I can’t show it to you yet, as I made something for someone, and I want her to see it first. My very first crochet assignment! So, sorry, you have to wait till Sunday, as that is the day I’ll give it to her.
HyacinthIt is nice and warm in the house. My hyacinth is doing its best, do you see, I can spot a bit of colour in it. Can’t wait to the blooming flowers and that luscious smell.
Meanwhile I am working on my poncho. It is growing but it is still not long enough! I want it to cover my arms all the way through, not just my upper arms. Com’ on, it’s Winter, I need to be all covered up.Cowl-neck ponchoI am not sure about the pink in the poncho (the photo is a bit overexposed here), but I am not going to frog it! All the other colours are so warm and lovely, completely my taste. I am very and utterly happy with the several shades of green, the beige and the purple grey.cowl neckSometimes, when I try it on I just don’t want to take it off. It’s so comfy and warm, not itchy at all. I better get on with it, I am sure I can finish it this weekend.


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