A man and his dog

SAMSUNG SAMSUNGI had to go to the bank in the city on the other side of the river so I decided to take the ferry. It is only a short trip by ferry, but I always enjoy being on the water. Even when it is absolutely freeeeezing like today. It was bitter cold -next time I should wear my warm hat- windy and grey. I took some photos and nearly fell on my bum as it was very slippery near the water. Of course it was. But look, there was also some sunshine. SunPretty, pretty. I’ll never get enough of ships, water and that beautiful sunlight on the waves. When on the water I miss my cruising-days a lot, I sure do.Flag ferryAnd … there was this man with a dog. Before we could go onboard he shouted a nasty word at the dog, because the man wanted to take some pictures and the dog didn’t want to sit still. That made my heart squeak, really it did, as I can’t stand it when people shout at their animals. Once onboard the man was rather friendly, to the dog, and to me. And the dog was beautiful and o so sweet and adorable. He sniffed at my hand and I could pet him. Handsome feller he was. Or lady.SAMSUNGDogIt was time to pay for the trip, and I happen to have ferry-ticket which is good for ten rides. Now, the lady who made the little cut in my card, did that twice.
“Why?” I asked her.
“Ow, aren’t you together?”
She assumed we were a couple, which I find strange. Where did that come from? But I know had paid for two rides instead of one. The man, really kind now, gave me his card. There was one last ride on it. Problem solved, everyone happy. I stroked his dog, he stroked his dog. We chatted a bit and he told me had just walked for three hours with his dog on ‘my’ side of the river. We reached the city, he wished me a nice day, I wished him the same.
DogBy accident, ’cause of all this commotion, I bought three (okay, four) balls of yarn.

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