The poncho, part II

IMG_0114Aaahhh, what a joy it is to make those ribbles! It really is. And these ribbles give great result! It looks a bit like a knitted pattern, and this I love. A robust kind of appeal. I did go wrong with the second and third row, but now I have got the hang of it and it really is easy-peasy. There’s nothing to it. I don’t care the first the rows are a bit different from the pattern described, it is just my own personal cowl-neck now.
IMG_0113After a year of crocheting with mostly acrylic it is a real pleasure to work with something els, like the Drops yarn which is 65% wool and 35% Alpaca. For this poncho I use both Drops Nepal and Drops Lima. I have removed the one ball Annell Rapido out of the basket as I have enough colours, thirteen in total. As you can see, no bright colours in this poncho. But I did buy some, though, you see?IMG_0119                   2923 goldenrod — 8783 forget-me-not — 8038 light olive

They are very pretty but not for my poncho, so I’ll keep those for other projects. I think they’d be nice for a shawl, or for flowers ón a shawl. Oow … I see another project coming …
In the pic below you can see the colours I have chosen for my poncho. I am absolutely smitten with them, these are so ME. Love  love love them. They are calm, not screaming, Autumn-ish and Winter-ish but still colourful in a soothing rustic way. I just can’t go wrong with them.
IMG_0101My main colour is the grey purple and I have twelve more colours for the rest. This might be too many, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.
From left to right ::
(N=Nepal, L= Lima, NM = Nepal mix)
Top row ↓ ::
Cascade green 8824 – Scheepjeswol Ahoy green – NM 0300 beige – NM 0206 light beige
Middle row ↓ ::
N 4311 grey purple – NM 0612 medium brown – N 3720 medium pink – NM 4434 purple
IMG_0106Bottom row ↓ ::
IMG_0108N 7139 grey green – N 6314 denim – L 7810 moss green – L 4088 heather – N 6220 medium blue.
I am now on my third ball of yarn for the cowl-neck so I think I need four balls in total for this part. Only three rows to go but maybe I extend my cowl-neck with one or two rows. While working on this poncho I have totally neglected my cosy blanket I must say. But as the days are so cold now I really want to finish my poncho first, so that I can actually wear it. Happy days!


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2 Responses to The poncho, part II

  1. The Nepal yarn is very reasonably priced isn’t it? I have used the Nepal. Will be interesting to see the finished poncho in all those lovely colours.

  2. corine24 says:

    Yes, and overhere is was on sale. Could not resist!

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