A cowl-neck poncho story

PonchoWhen it was hot and sunny this Summer I came up with the plan to crochet a poncho. I had seen some lovely ones on the internet like this one and this one. Not necessarily my kind of colours but that’s okay, I could make one with the colours I like: beige, pale pink, salmon, cream-white, lavender blue. Aah, I could see myself wearing it already. Me, in a home-made poncho! As I have lots and lots of cotton yarn I decided to make one of cotton. Now, I didn’t have a pattern but I thought I could copy a pattern by just looking closely at the photos. And so I started to make a poncho. And it went all wrong. Totally wrong. It was só crooked. Maybe because I used cotton, maybe because I was not experienced enough to make a poncho from scratch, maybe I made a mistake when counting my stitches.
There was only one option: frogging. And that’s what I did. I even removed most of the photos I took of this poncho-in-progress as I was so fed up with the whole thing. The one above is the only one left. It still love those colours, though, they work so well together!
So, a few blankets and a season later I wanted to try it again. That whole poncho-idea was still running around in my head and then I saw a picture of the Simply Crochet cowl-neck poncho. I loved it, because it had a cowl-neck. This was exactly what I was looking for! Nice and comfy for those chilly Winter evenings. The only thing about this poncho I don’t particularly like are the tassels. So no tassels for me. And the poncho is rather short, I like it longer so that it covers my arms and body which means I increase the rows.
In the pattern Drops Nepal is used, and I happen to have a few of these balls left. My camera cover is made with Drops Nepal and Lima. Now, you know by now I like green and grape and beige.
Yarn cowl ponchoScheepjeswolI ran to my yarn stash and found a ball of Annell Rapido mixed green (on the bottom) and a couple of balls green yarn, by Cascade and Scheepjeswol. These balls I had bought this Summer for only one euro per ball, a bargain I couldn’t resist. This yarn has about the same thickness as Nepal so I now had eight balls of yarn. Not enough, of course. I needed more. Which means I had to sin, I had to stop my yarn-diet for a bit. With a lot of guilt I ordered some extra yarn. Please don’t tell anyone. But (drumroll) … I have a part-time job till March, so I have convinced myself that this one little financial excess is justified. Just this once. And I am going to WeaR this poncho, it is not just an idle hooking project! I’ll promise to be good next year as my yarn-diet will continue in 2015, o yes it will. Btw, in the last two weeks I actually have SOLD some of my yarn. Nine balls to be precise. Enough about the guilt, time to move on. I already made a start with the cowl. As I couldn’t find my 7mm hook I made the foundation chain with an 8mm hook. Cowl startOf course I then found the 7mm hook, it was right in my face, so for the rest of the cowl I use that one. It’s wooden hook and I am not really convinced I like that. Ah well, it’s only for the cowl, the rest is made with a 6mm. Must now figure out how to do FPtr and BPtr. Ta ra!


PS: My cowl-neck is made with Drops Nepal 4311, that is grey-purple.

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2 Responses to A cowl-neck poncho story

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Corine – I love that pattern, and I, too, would also like it a bit longer and without the fringe. I can’t wait to see it when you’re finished. You’ll have to show pictures of it along the way.

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you Susan, I’ll try to post part II this weekend!

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