Bundt cake

AmaryllisAh, the weekend, the weekend …. weekends must have been designed for baking, crocheting, visiting book fairs, gardening and reading. For the pretty things in life. And look at my beautiful Amaryllis. All three flowers are blooming. lavender IMG_0045K did a bit of work in our garden and he cut the lavender. I rescued the lavender-flowers, they still have that lovely smell. I’ll use it for filling, in my petite birds. Or maybe I melt soap bars and add the flowers: lavender soap!
birdbundt cake After my visit to the local book fair on Saturday I needed to bake something, as reading a good book goes so much better with a nice cup of tea and a piece of home-made cake. This time I wanted to try something I hadn’t done before: a bundt cake.
IMG_0055Of course I didn’t stick to the recipe. That happened kind of involuntary, I must admit. I needed four eggs, which I luckily had, but then I broke one of them in the box. Oops. So I made my cake with the remaining three eggs. Next I added to the mixture two chopped apples and washed and dried raisins. I have a brilliant tip for you: mix the raisins and chopped apples first in a bowl with a tiny bit of plain flour. It prevents the apples and raisins sinking directly to the bottom. That worked! The cakes tasted delicious, but the next day it was a bit dry. Probably because of that missing egg. If you like I’ll write down the recipe of this bundt cake, it is a very simple recipe with maximum effect. Next weekend I going to make another one, this time with a cranberry filling. Mjum mjum …
train hookyWhen I travelled to Amsterdam on Sunday I did a bit of train hooky. And I wasn’t the only one who crocheted during the trip, how cool is that! This dark purple thing is going to be a shawl. It’s lovely soft yarn I use, the brand is called Pingouin, and I am planning to make about six big blocks with a cheerful edging. A pom pom-edge, I want to try this as it is something new for me. The photo is a bit overexposed, the colour is really darker than shown here.
In the house I have now several unfinished train projects lying around, as there comes a point a train project is too big to carry around. Must finish some of them at home, I guess.
A. Boekenshop A. BoekenAs I was a bit early in Amsterdam and so I had some extra time to walk around. Although it was cold and grey, the weather was lovely. And so, during my walk, I discovered a haberdashery/yarn shop. Happy days! It was closed, but that was okay, I’ll back on another day as I know now where to find it.
The journey back home took me four (!) hours, “thanks” to two jumpers (which means that two people ended their lives in front of a train, and yes, that is sad …), technical problems and other train misery. And it was bloody freezing outside on the platforms. This journey lasted so long that I finished my complete ball of yarn. How productive a train delay can be ….


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2 Responses to Bundt cake

  1. Manon says:

    Aan het einde van je blog staat reclame voor tulbandcake. Ik hoop maar dat ze je daarvoor betalen.

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