Book Fair

book fair When I met M about three and a half years ago we soon discovered we had a common passion: reading. And when I told her about the annual book fair in our village every last weekend of November we kind of agreed to go together every year as that is so much more fun than going alone. And we find books for each other. But this year M had to do some charity work on Saturday, collecting food for the less fortunate, and I had plans for Sunday so I had to go all by my self to the book fair. I don’t often walk on Saturday mornings through my street, but for books I’ll do it. And all the money from book fair goes to charity, so I had a good excuse to get up in time.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNG It was a bleak and grey-ish morning this morning with a tiny bit of sunshine, but hey, it’s nearly December. Funny that we still have grapes left near the front wall. Must pick some and eat the ones that are still okay. I enjoyed the short walk to the community centre, though. It’s not often that I walk through my street as when I go out I usually need my car. But when walking you can notice pretty things you don’t see when driving.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGLike the little red berries, or the pretty sweet white flowers from one of the neighbours.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGbreadI behaved well as I only bought three books this year. Three! Last year I came home with about twenty-five books. But it is for a good cause and every book cost only one euro.
I just love the fact that I have found a book I have looking for and wanted to have for ages: Jeanette Winterson’s “Oranges are not the only fruit”. And check at that baking book by Oetker. It is really very important to use Oetker’s ingredients as they are even made bold. Yeah, right, we’ll see about that. But the bread looks yummy scrummy. Well, of I go now, need some baking to do.


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