A camera

Canon SX270 HSOne of the essential things in blogging is to have descent photo’s. I used to take most of my photos for this blog with my mobile phone, but now I have a camera. Yay! I have a new, proper second-hand camera! I wanted one for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages.
It took a while though even when the only thing I wanted to do was going to the shop and say to the shop owner: ‘Hey, that pink one looks really nice, I’ll have that one.” But that wasn’t going to happen, as my man works in the IT-business. When you too have a man like that you know how it is. My man K had to do some research, which means hours and hours of checking out and reading all kinds of geeky and nerdy photography forums, test-websites and online shops before he decided which one I could have. And I/we want the best for as little money as possible.
So now I (we) have this great second-hand camera, which really is brand new, basically. I am so happy with it!
CAL blanketOf course I had to try it immediately. With this camera I can take photo’s in the evening without they are being too dark and I can take photos indoors which don’t have that yellow shine on them anymore. The colours on the pics are vibrant and colourful, I can see the actual colours on them. Happy happy happy
And I must say, I took some pretty cool pictures. From Daan who was sleeping on my CAL-blanket, from Pip, sleeping on my other blanket, from my flowers … Then it was time to move some of these pics K’s laptop and guess what …. the pics are gone. ALL of THEM! What on earth did he do with them? It’s all very twilight zone-ish, I must say.
IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023 IMG_0024Doesn’t my little Amaryllis looks lovely? Two pretty flowers are blooming and one is its way to open up. The hyacinths take their time, but I am in nor rush.
mobile phone coverThe only thing this camera doesn’t have is a little bag. I did make a little cover my mobile phone a couple of months back that I can use now, as it fits, but when I said to K that I can crochet a nice new cute little bag for my camera, he rolled his eyes and sighed. Ah well, mèn ….. what do they know?


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2 Responses to A camera

  1. Having a camera that takes good pictures is definitely a plus when you have a blog. Enjoy!

  2. corine24 says:

    Thanks! I feel like child in a toyshop! 🙂

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