banana cupcakesI just love to bake. Cookies, sponge-cake, challa, cupcakes. It is just very relaxing to mix ingredients in a bowl, and knead them with your hands. Being creative and eat what you’ve made. And ow, that smell of fresh baked cookies. And when I remove my baking out of the oven I always leave the door open to enjoy the warmth a little bit longer. Feels great, and homey.
The cupcakes on the above pic are banana cupcakes, something I tried a week or so ago. They were absolutely yummy. Really, they were. Now you might wonder why there is an open space on that baking tin. What do you think happened …?

My recipe for yummy cupcakes:
140 grams of self-raising flour
130 grams of fine sugar (fijne kristalsuiker)
1 packet of vanilla sugar
140 grams of soft butter
2 eggs (room temperature)
cinnamon or cookie-spices
a pinch of salt

One advice: When I know I’ll bake that day I remove the butter from the fridge an hour or two before baking.
Whizz the butter with the sugar, then add one egg and the vanilla sugar and a bit of flour. You can also use vanilla essence (or almond essence, or orange essence, what ever you prefer)
Now add the other egg and the rest of the self-raising flour and keep whizzing for a couple of minutes.
Divide into twelve cupcake cases and bake for about 17-20 mins on about 180C/gas 4.

I also added pieces of banana. But of course you add something else, like pieces of apple, or walnuts, or berries, or pieces of chocolate, or … well, what ever you like, really.

Yesterday I baked cookies and I pressed some sugar decorations on top of them. Some of them melted during the baking process but the tiny stars I used didn’t.
Now what do you need for these little treats? Not a lot!
80 grams of fine sugar, 1 packet of vanilla sugar (8 grams), 180 grams of soft butter and 270 grams of plain flour. And a sniff of salt. Just knead well. When I bakes cookies I usually make the cookies flat by pressing the cookie dough with my hand.
Warm cookiesbaking cookiesBut sometimes I use my cookie stamps. Unfortunately the text or the picture melts in the oven, so the ‘stamp’ itself is hard to see. Today I grabbed my cookie cutters out of the draw: flowers, a star and a pretty heart.  Sugar decoI also had some decorating to play with.CookiesOw my, the cookies tasted delicious. But K complained that they were too small. So he had to try a lot of them before he could figure out they were okay.
wreath startWhile waiting for the cookies to bake I had time to work a few rows on my CosyCountryBlanket and to start a new project. Yay! A new project! When I started with crochet a year ago, I couldn’t get over the beautiful crochet wreaths I saw on Pinterest, and here and here. Aren’t these AmAZinG?? I wanted to make one, too, but at that time I thought it was way out of my comfort league. But not anymore, I can do this now! And I am going to make one. The thing that kept me away from starting to make a wreath was that I couldn’t find a base, but I finally have found a polystyrene ring. It’s 22 cm in diameter, so it is not a very big one. But hey, its was only 89 cents and it was the only one left on the shelf, so I had to have it. A bargain, don’t you agree? I will use many colours for the base and I’ll make a lot, a lot of flowers and leaves. And I know where I am going to hang this wreath, I can see it in front of me already so I’d better hurry up.

Have a nice weekend!

PS: My progress so far on my wreath, and on my Cosy Country Blanket (41 cm long):
wreathCoCo Blanket

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