Flowers in the house

Amarylis Aahh, look at that Amaryllis. It is growing! Rapidly! It had a bit of a slow start but now I can see it getting bigger every single day. And it is not the only flower that grows indoors.
MuscariBack in September I bought a few packets of flower bulbs. I love to see plants and flowers grow. I have tried to wait as long as possible to plant them as I didn’t want them to grow too early in the season. The weather has been way too warm for this time of the year, but hey, what can you do about it? So, at the end of September I could no longer wait and planted my grape hyacinths/muscari, some ordinary hyacinths, anemones and tulips. The tulips went into the garden, as most of the grape hyacinths and anemones. But I also planted some muscari in pots, because I wanted some prettiness in the house. I left these pots in the garage, the first couple of weeks, where it is cold. The garden centre’s saleslady told me the bulbs need this chilliness. Okay, then. What I didn’t expect was that they grew so fast!grape hyacinthsorange mugI brought a couple of pots into the house and look! They grow all over the place. But no flowers yet … This orange mug was once my favourite but it got a crack in the middle. It is still perfect for tiny flowers though.
HyacinthOne of my hyacinths is doing its best also, it’s peeking above the soil. For some odd reason it is growing crooked. Maybe I should get some moss from the roof to cover up the soil. It’ll look much nicer that way. I love hyacinths, they have such pretty little flowers, and that smell, ow, that luscious smell. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea, that strong scent, but I love it. To me it means a bit of Spring in the Winter. There are still two hyacinths in the garage, and I am afraid they’ll have to stay there a bit longer. One at a time …


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