My CAL: Cosy Country Blanket

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CCB in gardenI had so many lovely comments after finishing my CygnetCountryBlanket, both on my blog as on my Facebook-page, thank you very much. Believe me when I say it is very much appreciated! Today the weather was so much better than yesterday, we even had sunshine, so I dashed out of the house, removed a lot of leaves from the bench and took some outdoor pics of my blanket. I think it looks really happy outside. You can actually see the sun shining on the blanket!
When I receive a comment on my blog I always look at the blogs of the poster (is that a word?), that is when they have a blog. And I find the most amazing blankets, and new ideas. Sometimes, no: often, I copy a photo that inspires me and place it in my to-do map.
Of course I am already working on a new project. Or should I say: new projects.
Big granny squareI’ve started to make a BIG granny square from colourful yarn. No specific order of colours, I just grab a colour out of the bag, and if I like it next to the previous colour I’ll hook a row. I think it’s going to be a pick-nick blanket. Or a blankie for my car (the other one moved to my Etsy-shop after a bit of extra tlc). It’s going very fast and it doesn’t involve a lot of thinking. I am making this granny rather tight, because sometimes I see big granny’s all crooked. And sorry, but I don’t like that. Making granny’s tight can be done by NOT making that chain 1 between the groups of three trebles (for US peeps: dc). So, 3 trebles in one space and then three trebles into the next space and so on. That’s all. Another trick to prevent the square from becoming crooked is to flip it over after every row. I might try that as well. So you crochet one row on the good side, and one row on the ‘wrong’ side.
My other new project is a CAL and CAL means Crochet A-Long, which means a lot of women (and an occasional man) all crochet the same project, in this particular case a blanket. Op de stoel CALIt is not the first time I take part in a CAL, I made the as-we-go-stripey blanket, earlier this year. This one I made in combination of other stitches, like the ones from the Fantasy Blanket (such a beauty!) and some stitches from books.
But this time I am hooking along with Lucy’s CAL, the Cosy Blanket. This is a lovely project, with a rather simple pattern and easy to do. You can use Lucy’s special chosen colours but of course you can also use your own choice. And that is what I do as I now have found the perfect project for my tweed yarn.Tweed yarnSo I am using my lovely soft tweed yarn in combination with my Cygnet Aran: lime, grape and olive. Love, love, love those colours, absolutely adore them. So my blanket is going to be a Cosy Country Blanket in tweed and aran (and probably some khaki green I like; the dark blue I already removed from the basket).
I’d started this blanket a little while ago, but although I like my blankets big, this time it was waaaaay to wide, about 160 cm. I Had To Frog It. Bummer. I reduced the starting chain to 171 chains (the first time I had about 210). And guess what? It is still rather wide: 133 cm. Oops. Well, I am NOT going to frog it again.
For the starting chain I AllWaYs use a size bigger hook. Believe me, this is a helpful advice, it prevents a crooked start. The first row is with that same hook, in my case a 6mm one, and for the second row and further I use a 5mm hook.
CAL CCB Lucy changes colour every stripe (= 2 rows). I don’t do that. I make three stripes in one colour, then one stripe, four stripes, or six, or five, what ever I feel like. So I am not quite sure how my blanket will look like at the end! As I don’t change the colour after every two rows I had to adjust the pattern a bit. Which basically means I have to count the trebles. Counting trebles is not my thing, I usually just guess, but this time I can’t get away with that …
CAL CCBSorry, the colours on this pic above are too bright, the grape is so much more mellow in real life …
SAMSUNGAah, on this photo it looks much better. So much better.

Have a nice day!

PS: I am really flattered that Cygnet Yarns has shared my previous blog post on their Twitter-page and Facebook-page. And no, I don’t get paid to mention Cygnets name!

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3 Responses to My CAL: Cosy Country Blanket

  1. kathrynatcrafternoontreats says:

    Hi Corine I saw the pic on FB and though I would come over and see more about your CAL progress. Looking good – I love your other blanket out in the sunshine too, you can really see the colours beautifully x Kathryn

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