Finished ….:: Cygnet Country Blanket!!

Yarn in basket CCBHello and welcome,  thank you so much as always for taking time to visiting me here. Today is a happy day, my lovelies, it’s a finished!-day, a ta-dah-!day today and I am so happy, to share my new blanket with you. Yes, I have finished my CygnetCountryBlanket! Yay!
What I wanted to achieve was a blanket in (in my opinion) typical CountrY colours, like brown, green (of course!) and blue. The colours had to be soft and mellow and earthy. The only kind of bright shade in this blanket is Apple, but the rest are comforting and cosy colours.
To be precise, it is not all Cygnet-in-the-blanket, as I have also added other brands of yarn, like that wonderful Annell Rapido. So incredibly creamy soft that is. Perfectly combined with Cygnet DK. And I removed Lime (Aran), Olive (Aran) and Cranberry (DK) out of the basket. The Aran I will use for another project as that yarn was too thick for the CCB.
So, back in August when I flew with my man to Leicester I bumped into that lovely and utterly smooth Cygnet-yarn at Poundtastic. That tiny and incredible stuffed shop had some beautiful treasures on the shelfs. Very soft yarn for a very reasonable and good price.
Eerste grannyIt started all with this first granny, in denim. For this granny I used Cygnet Pato. Now I must admit, Pato feels like ordinary acrylic, it is not soft. It just isn’t. But Cygnet DK is! Ow my … how soft that is! Hard to believe that this DK is actually acrylic yarn. I still have two balls of Soft Coral left plus a few other remains, enough to make a warm and cosy shawl. CCBIt took me about three months to make this modest size blanket, but it looks much longer. Don’t know why, really, maybe ‘cos I did other projects as well. Yes, I just had way too many other things on my hook going on. But, then it started to grow …CCB-basket…. and it grew some more …CygnetCountryBlanket… and more …
CCBBlankets on legs… and in October I started to speed things up ….. It was now big enough to cover my legs and to snuggle under it. It was time to start working on the border.
CCB borderBlocking CCBHere is my CCB spread out on the floor doing its blocking business, still being wet. I just pinned it on the carpet in the spare bedroom with some ordinary pins. And then I sprayed it with cold water and let it in peace for the night, that’s all.

So are your ready for the big reveal? Because I am. I am so utterly pleased how it turned out, and I just adore the colours. Totally me.
Here it comes, in all of its glory… my CygnetCoutryBlanket!!!
CCB finishedTa-daaaaahhhh!! 99 granny squares plus a 7 row-border of granny stripes. It was very hard to get it photographed as the light was very poor. It was drizzling outside and the sky was grey, just an ordinary November-day. But still, you get the picture, don’t you?
CCB finished SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG Some facts as I am sure you want to know (well, I always do when I see a finished/ta-dah post):

Measurements: 130 x 155 cm. It’s not a very big blanket this time, but big enough to crawl and snuggle under it.
Weight: 836 grams.
Yarn used:
Cygnet DK: – Bluebell – Soft Coral – Mulberry Mix –
Pato Value DK (also Cygnet): – Apple – Saxe – Denim –
Annell Rapido: Sorry, no names, only numbers but I call them green, ochre (= light brown) and salmon.
Pingouin: – Moka – Grenate – Copper –
Zeeman Soft: – Dark Blue –
Injuries: just the one :: my thumb, it’s killing me ….
Pattern: A granny square I came up with myself; it is a combination of several granny squares. I’ll write down a tutorial soon. I used a 4,5mm hook.
SAMSUNGCosts: No that cheap. Hey, I flew all the way to the UK for yarn! (yeah, right …)

Selfie CCBMe: Very happy. First time I tried to make a selfie with a blanket. (Note to self: next time add face to the photo)

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8 Responses to Finished ….:: Cygnet Country Blanket!!

  1. Jay says:

    It looks lovely! No wonder you are so pleased

  2. Oran says:

    Absolutely lovely! Gorgeous gentle colours, across your bed.

  3. I love your finished blankie – gorgeous colours. You must be really pleased. Thanks for sharing your blog link on the We love Lucy group – its great to meet other crocheters interested in blanket making xxx Kathryn from

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  5. That is lovely. Well done.

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