Fresh Air

Even I am impressed by this: I went out for a walk. All by myself. Yes ma’am, I did. I was planning to do this yesterday but it drizzled, I had a stomach ache and I found a few other excuses not to go. But this morning I did it. I needed the fresh air, the sun was shining, the sky was blue. What more did I need? And it was such a lovely walk. All by myself, no Emmy-dog to keep me company, just me and my mobile phone (so that I could take photos).                      back doorAnd so I left the house … blue grapesspotted some last grapes near our front wall …
stairs to dykedyke…. walked towards the dyke, climbed the stairs and went down on the other side … pondIt was a bit muddy and slippery as the grass was rather wet. But I managed to get down without skidding and this time I turned left … After a bit of a stroll on the dyke I then went down to the river foreland. To walk to the actual river is quite a walk, I’ll do that some other time.pluimengolden leafsred leafsweirdI admired the golden and red colours of Autumn and some dried plants I’d never seen before.
four-leaf clover… I hoped to find a four-leaf clover …
mossrosessun… and continued my stroll … with the sunshine on my face …SAMSUNG… and then I got back home.
CappuccinoCCB borderTime for a cappuccino and some quality hooky business.


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