November Nature

bootspaalIt was an easy-going weekend, kind of. On Friday I wasn’t feeling so well, just very tired and the ordinary sneezing attacks I sometimes have but I am fine now. It must have something to do with my walk with Emmy, all of that fresh air I am not used to. Or with that silly weather we have on this side of the pond. The sun is shining, it is about fifteen degrees and it is lovely outside. In November! Now, at forehand I must apologize for the blurry pics, but it is entirely Emmy fault, of course. She just would sit or stand still, she just had to investigate every little grass halm and leaf she saw. And man, she can pull!
EmmymeerSAMSUNGmosMe, prepared with my wellies on my feet and wearing my blue waxcoat, oh how CountryLife that is, took Emmy out for her walk. I took the same route as last time, via the dyke, down to that little pond, near the river foreland. On my walk I spotted still some flowers, not many, but a few survived the first chilly nights we had.
buttercupswhite flowerswet grassAnd although it hadn’t rained the grass was wet. Autumn. You know, you don’t need rain for a damp, grey, wet day.
mushroomunknownfluffyI discovered this tree in our street, on my way back. I picked a small branch and look what happened: the next day it was all fluffy. Anyone any idea what this is?
dahliaThere was also still some dahlia happiness in one of the gardens. These neighbours have huge flowers every year. I really must ask them what their secret is, all of their flowers are always so big and colourful. Such a pretty sight.
hookyAs me not very well I had the perfect excuse to go to my bedroom early, with some hooky stuff and a nice coffee. I now am making real progress with this blanket, I can nearly start with the border. I really do like the pattern of this blanket, it is easy and so effective. Must write it down for you when I have finished the blanket.
EmmyPS: I managed to take a photo of Emmy’s face this time!


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One Response to November Nature

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Corine – thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Loved the pictures of your walk. I’m so fascinated with the house boats in the canal. I was wondering if people live aboard all year long.
    Hope you’re feeling better now though cozying up with a coffee and crochet project does sound good!

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