A Birthday Day

Sunshine SAMSUNG RucolaleafPoppyGreen hot pepperswild strawberryVegetable garden vegetable gardenpie and coffeeYesterday it was K’s birthday and this is the first time, since we met, we had coffee and apple-pie outside in the garden on November the 2nd. Notice the sunshine on the photos? The weather was lovely and although the sky was grey, the sun made it warm and comfy outside.
We pulled along our heavy wooden chairs in that spot of the garden were we had plenty of sunshine and enjoyed our drinks and pie. There we sat opposite my vegetable garden and it looked sad. Well, to be honest, neglected is a better word. So much weed! We discovered that the rocket lettuce is still growing and I spotted a couple of forgotten green beans. What a waste … But on the bright side: green hot peppers. Still growing! And so are the wild strawberries, which I don’t eat, but they look pretty.
ApplesLater, when I started removing weed from my veggie garden I saw my neighbour in her garden and she told me there were still lots of apples on the trees and on the grass. So I got myself a bucket, we filled it with delicious apples -these were much bigger than the ones I picked a few weeks ago- and I made applesauce for me and K and for my neighbour.
PippiTerrace at the backAt night we left home for a meal, we went to a wok-restaurant in the neighbourhood. It was packed! Where do all these people come from? It has probably to do with the price, all you can eat and drink for €25,50.mealChocomelWell, I wasn’t a huge fan of the food, but the dessert was yummy. And so was my Chocomel.

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