A New Month

November 2014Agenda 2015BirthdayYesterday a new month started. Again. My o my, time flies. I know I’m repeating myself every single month but it is just the way it is. I love the warmth, the red and rusty-brown colours on this November calendar-page, this really is true Autumn. But October has left us and November is there, ready for us. Only two months to go and I can start using my new colourful CroCheT-agenda. Isn’t this one cute?
We had a superb week weatherwise. Very sunny weather, very sunny indeed.
When you think about it, it is of course absolutely ridiculous that you can sit outside in the sun the first days of November. Which I did, with some coffee and a cupcake. I made these on Friday and for the first time I tried to icing them, which wasn’t a complete overall success. The icing was too fluid and it seemed to disappear around the edges and into the cupcake. Need some more practice, but they tasted yummy anyway. Maybe next time I try something with cream cheese as I am not very fond of lots of sugar on top anyway.
Autumn sunshineCupcakesNow, no weekend is complete without some hooky-stuff.
First rowsI have started Lucy’s Cosy Blanket, I just couldn’t resist to start another project. Are my other projects finished, I hear you ask? No, they are not. But I just like to have several things going on, crochtetwise. And a new month, a new project, is my new mantra. Lucy made a fabulous blanket with a great tutorial and as I enjoy working on fast blankets (only trebles and granny stripes) … well, as I said, I just couldn’t resist.
It is going to be a big blanket, of course, you know I like my blankets big, so I started with 210 chains, and for the chain plus my first row I used a 6mm hook. The rest I do with a 5 mm hook.  Tweed yarnBag with yarn I am using my “leftover” tweed-yarn for this project plus a few other colours and the two balls of Cygnet Aran I still have -grape and lime- and it is such a pleasure to work with all of this yarn. It’s going to be a very ComfyCountryBlanket, for sure. I just love, love, love making blankets. When hooking on the couch this blanket-in-progress covers my legs and keeps me warm, all Winter long. What is not to love about blanket making? I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea but I just love it. It’s my way to be creative with some yarn and a simple hook. It’s all I need.
The tweed yarn is rather ‘robust’ and so, when I measured the blanket, I noticed it is already 160 cm wide. And I also need to make the border, of course. Oops. I am a bit in doubt: start all over again (which I hate doing)) with less stitches, or leave it like this. When choosing the last option I’ll ran out of yarn very quickly, I think. And I am STiLL on that Very, Very Strict  YarN-DieT.
You can see on the pics: rather rustic colours like denim, beige, grape, green (of course!) and with only one ball of rather blue-ish blue (next to the dark blue). I am not even sure if I’ll use that one, I’ll decide that later. As I am not changing colour after every two rows, my pattern needs some adjustments. So, I’ll better get on with it then.
Coffee DaanWell, first it’s time for another coffee and to think it all through. With Daan’s company. Bliss.

xxxxx  xxxxx

PS: Removed already the rather blue-ish blue ….


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2 Responses to A New Month

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Corine – I love that pattern too. The colors you’ve chosen are warm and beautiful and I bet your finished blanket turns out lovely. I’m working on a blanket that’s just a double crochet (USA) in 5 different colors but I’m thinking that my next one should be a bit more creative.
    I can’t believe it’s November already. The shops are laden with Christmas goodies already. I like to live in the moment, so for now, I’ll just enjoy today. Have a wonderful week.

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank Susan, look forward to see your blanket! Have a wonderful week too.

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