End of October

30 oktober SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNGOutside it is wet, cloudy, damp, grey, foggy … but inside it is nice and warm and comfy. Love this season, I can really appreciate Autumn more and more. This is that time of the year I don’t feel guilty when staying indoors wearing pj’s all day long and spending the days with cupcake-baking, drinking too much cappuccino and crocheting.
My patchwork CCB is progressing slowly, and it’s such a pleasure to work on this blanket. The yarn I’m using -mostly Cygnet DK, plus a bit of Pingouin Pingofine and Annell Rapido- is so amazingly soft and I can’t wait to finish my blanket and to crawl under it.
The light is very poorly so it’s just not possible to get the colours right on the photos. But hey, what can you do about it?
CCBThirty-eight granny’s so far. Still a lot to make before I can call the blanket finished.


PS: I don’t get paid by Cygnet, Annell or Pingouin when mentioning their names, I just love the softness of this yarn and they have lots of amazing colours.

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