Crime and punishment

Bench in our gardenWhen driving my car I am a good girl. Really, I am. I stop when the traffic lights turn orange, I always use my traffic indicator, I don’t use my mobile phone (I don’t hear it ringing anyway as I always listen to very loud music in my car, preferably Armin van Buuren) while driving and I don’t tailgate. But last Saturday morning I drove to the railway station with a police car behind me. Nothing to worry about, of course, as I behaved myself. Then I saw the street to the station was half closed with an iron fence. It didn’t really say that I couldn’t continue driving tot the station. And I had no idea how to get to the station otherwise. Ah well, you know what, that fence, that doesn’t count for me, it’s only for other people. Obviously it did. Mister policeman (he was rather cute, by the way) stopped me. At 8:30 am! Oops. First he told me one of my car lights wasn’t working.
‘Oh, really? Thanks for telling me, I’ll better have it fixed then.’ Something that is on my to-do-list for about three months.
Then I got the talk and he dealed strictly with me. Oh my …
After my solemn promise to better my complete life I could go (whooohooo, no fine!!), but I now had a question for hím. Nooo,  I didn’t ask if I could take his photo for this blog. Do you think I should? Maybe next time I will.
‘Uhm … how do I get to the station?’ He told me, bless him.
As punishment for my bad, bad behaviour the train had a delay due to technical failures and I arrived a bit later in Amsterdam than planned.
AmsterdamAmsterdamBut late or not, of course I had to take some pics of that beautiful amazing Amsterdam architecture. Although the sky was grey, it was a rather warm day. Mind you, it’s nearly November and I had to take my coat of during my walk.
KeyringAnother punishment was that I lost my home-made key ring, I’d noticed in the train. But this morning I found the remains of it near the backdoor, so I can fix it. Yay!
Train bagIn the train there was plenty of time for some hooky stuff. On my way back I nearly finished my little project, it’s going to be a bag, made of tweed yarn. I really love this yarn, and I have it in four colours. Green shawlLast Winter I made a warm shawl of green tweed yarn. Very CounTryLife-ish indeed. I love this shawl, it’s is so warm and comfy, I love snuggle into it and I absolute adore the green colour.

Bye for now!

Okay, two more pics, because it is such a lovely day today. And because we still have flowers in the garden. They are actually pink, but the sun was shining so bright I couldn’t take a decent picture.
FlowersAs you can see we need to clean up some leaves (that means K has to).

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  1. It’s warm for the time of year over here too!

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