Creative café

CCB-basketIn our little village we have every other Thursday Creative Café in the local cultural centre. I discovered the existence of this ‘café’ last December at the Winterfair, held in that same building. This cultural centre/parish hall was completely renewed in 2013 and it now also has ‘livingroom’, the location of the CC. For months I wanted to go and to check out if I like that kind of gatherings. The thing is, I am not group person. I am perfectly happy all by myself, just me and my crochetstuff in the comfort of my own home, on the couch with a cappuccino within reach. And then there is that other thing, believe it or not, I can be shy. I find it hard to meet new people and start a conversation with total strangers. I just prefer to keep a low profile really.
Anyway, a month ago I really planned to go, but I was home late that Thursday night, and very tired so I didn’t go, and two weeks later I enjoyed a nice Cypriot meal in Pafos. But last night, no excuses, I grabbed my CCB-yarn and my blanket, trew that all in my crochet bag and off I nervously went.
There were five other ladies, they all new each other well. Although I kept quiet for most of the evening I did enjoy myself. I hooked, drank coffee (and as it is not a real café no cappuccino, unfortunately) and admired other peoples work. Some of them knitted, others crocheted.
I am not sure I’ll attend this café every fortnight but I’ll go again. And then I’ll take some pictures of it, which I didn’t dare to do last night. Chicken.
CygnetCountryBlanketCCBI made some progress with my CCB, I am so happy  happy  happy the way this blanket turns out. The colours are deep and warm, really Autumn-ish. The only bright colour in this blanket is apple. Now the light this morning was a bit poorly due to the weather -grey, damp, wet: Autumn- when I took these photos so the pics don’t do justice to the blanket. I’ve tried the camera, I’ve tried the mobile phone, but all photos weren’t good.RainI took this photo from our dormer window, and as you can see it is stay-indoors-weather. And that is exactly what I’ll try to do today.
Cappu and apple pieWell, I am off now, must do some studying, and studying goes so much better with a cappuccino and a piece of home-made apple pie. I know you all do agree.


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2 Responses to Creative café

  1. Manon says:

    Wie weet durf ik wel een keertje mee.

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