Autumn afternoon

SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNGIndoorsRain, wind, and later in the evening even a serious lighting and thunderstorm. But in the afternoon it stopped raining now and then, just long enough to take some photos.
These kind of afternoons are perfect to stay in bed and to enjoy some hooky-time and a cup of tea with a biscuit. But that is not what I did. Of course not (well, except for the tea and the biscuit). A healthy person shouldn’t stay in bed all day (although it is very tempting with this weather, very tempting …) I keep telling myself. So I leave my pj’s hanging on my chair while thinking I should make something for that seating. Something colourful. Something with pink, green, red, light-blue. Something that matches my fleece blanket. Maybe later, not now.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGThe Sundaville has still a few flowers left. I am amazed by its strength. This plant has flowers since June! And I discovered one last light pink hydrangea, all the others are now fading into brown colours, but I am sure that next year they’ll turn pink again. The pear tree is loosing all of its leaves. It did a good job this year, we had plenty of pears and we ate them all.
Indoors my grape Hyacinths are slowly growing, a bit of early Spring-time. Probably a bit tóo early. Ah well, never mind, I am so delighted with them and I just love those little grape hyacinths. The tiny bells are so pretty and cute. The Amaryllis is also doing her utmost best (I think she is a she), and I may put her in some potting soil later.
SAMSUNG SAMSUNGWhen writing this blog I enjoy my morning cappuccino with a biscuit (noticed the sunbeam?) in the company of cat, snoring -very loudly- in my box full of cotton balls. Bliss.

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6 Responses to Autumn afternoon

  1. Miss says:

    Hi, I just discover your blog and it seems like sweet.
    We have the same weather here, rain and wind, but I do not have flowers any more. We are waiting for the first snow and I miss biscuits from Europe.
    The cat in the wool box looks good and I am looking forward to see what you will do for the chair.
    Have a great day

  2. Paardje says:

    I’m envying your indoor plants. They’re lovely!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    Hi! Your crochet flower pot cozy is so cute and your kitty sleeping with your yarns is so adorable 🙂 Hugs, Elisabeth

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