Easy going weekend

sunSunshineHello lovely people, what a glorious weekend we had on this site of the pond. It was so warm that on Saturday we had dinner outside in the garden. On October the 18th! Which is ridiculous when you think of it. We had sunshine with a bit of a breeze, and oohh, it was lovely. Great weather to mess around in the garden. I even cleaned the windows, yes I did. Not my favourite chore but I had to as we needed to put the secondary frames in front of the other windows. back gardenhydrangealeafAt the moment it is raining which I don’t mind. Do like the rain now and then. Yes, it sure is really Autumn. When we got home last Wednesday the garden was filled with leaves.  That happens so fast, in only eight days nearly a big blanket of leaves on the ground …. And still there are some left on the trees. With beautiful colours.
Sofa with DaanUnder this blue piece of plastic is my (no so) white sofa hidden. Time for it to go indoors, back into the garage. Talking about the garage, there was quite a surprise in it. remember the flower bulbs I planted before I went to Cyprus? Well, have a look at this …
flower bulbsI had no idea this would grow so fast. This weekend I have planted the rest of the bulbs in other pots and in the garden and I’ve brought these beauties inside the house. So with a bit of luck I’ll have flowers for weeks, no, for months.
Wite wine and DaanDaan and PippiFor some reason Daan is in a lot of pics. He is just a great cat-model. No, he’s not, he’s just hoping for some food. K is eating a bread roll with sausage, you see.
BBBBBBAt night there was time for some indoor BBB-hooky. This blanket goes slow, very slow, but I told myself to enjoy the process of making this one and not to hurry. Well, I’ll try. We have a big bed and I really think six rows won’t be enough. So another block needs to be added. But I am soooo happy the way this blanket turns out. I love the warm and mild colours and it is really my kind of blanket. You can see the photos are crap, ’cause of the poor light, sorry. CCBNow I vary this blanket with my soft Cygnet-Country-blanket, as I now only work on the BBB upstairs and I work on the Cygnet-Country-Blanket downstairs. A new rule I gave myself as I keep walking around with baskets and bags of yarn all the time. Sometimes rules make life a bit easier.



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2 Responses to Easy going weekend

  1. Susan says:

    I love easy going week-ends. It’s exactly the way life’s supposed to be. Love your photos. I admire that you have two large projects going at the same time. Have a wonderful week.

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Susan, have a nice week too!

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