Diarizos River valley

Bus 618When in a foreign country K and I like to take a local bus, to explore the local surroundings. At Pafos there was a special tourist-bus but we ignored that one. We think it is some much more fun to take a local bus, because you’ll end up at non-touristic places. And so, one day we took the bus to the Diarizos River valley, up into the mountains. This bus goes only twice a day so we had plenty of time to walk around. We took bus 618 near our apartment to the bus station and from there we bus 633 brought us up all the way to the mountains. Our All Day-ticket costed 5 euro per person. View from busWe had some breathtaking views from the bus. Not exactly the kind of views we have back home. My suggestion: do sit at the front for the best views. Be a tourist. Plus you don’t get carsick.
ViewAfter an hour drive we were the last passengers that got out of the bus and we got a funny look from the driver. Who was very friendly, btw, and said he would go back to Pafos at 2:30 pm. Not to mis that bus was important … We knew, it would be a very, very, very long walk back then.
And so we started our stroll. And I took photos. A lot. Sorry about that, I got a bit carried away.
dahliadahliadahliasPhotos of the most amazing flowers. Look at those dahlias. The colours were so vibrant and luscious.
bodysnatchersPics of  plants I’d never seen before. This odd one reminded me of the film “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers”. I am sure you totally agree with me on this one. And I had the feeling this was a meat-eating plant. The little yellow flower however was very pretty. But I didn’t touch it.acornsPics of the biggest acorn I’d ever seen. The sun is doing a good job here, and there is more rain up here than down in the valley, so maybe that is why everything grows so good.
leafgrapesBig grapes, not to say EnorMous grapes. Everything that grows here is big!tree in houseTrees that grows in houses. We noticed quite a few abandoned houses.
almondsWhat made me tooooootally over-excited was the fact I could pick almonds. Almonds! In the wild! We found a rock and cracked them. I felt like a chimpanzee, though, while doing that. But who cares, nobody on that mountain knew who I was anyway (but a little old lady in black  followed us for a while, really, she did). And that rock did the job perfectly.cactus with laddercactuscactusI spotted a big cactus on the ground with still some cactus fruit on it. I had to have one of these. (note to self: next time wear leather gloves) Two days later I was still pulling cactus-needles out of my fingers.
FigspomegranateolivespomegranateolivesWe spotted figs, pomegranates, olives, grapes, limes, all growing there in the wild. No need to be hungry up here, for sure. And a lot of the fruit and nuts were just wasted, such a shame.
crocusflowerFlowersLeeuwebekjeflowersAnd flowers, flowers, flowers … I must admit, I took some seeds here and there. But only on the street, not from people’s gardens, I am not like that. squashAlthough the huge squash I saw in someones back garden was tempting. No, just kidding. weirdThis odd thing, I have no idea what it is but inside it had some surprises. I opened it for the seeds and I saw a lot of pink-ish seeds. They moved. They moved because they weren’t seeds but maggots. I didn’t know I was capable of dropping something on the ground that quick. Yuck, maggots!
coffeeAgios Nikolaos - Corine maakt aantekeningen voor blogAs we still had some time left we had a coffee and waited for the bus to arrive. And I wrote my notes for my blog. As you can see seawater and wind are note very good for my hair. I look like an exploded mop.viewWe waited and we enjoyed the scenery. Beautiful. Bliss.



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