At Cyprus

seaWell, we made it. At about 1:15 am we landed at Pafos. As usual i didn’t enjoy the flight very much. The plane wobbled, just to annoy me personally I think, and I don’t like wobbly planes. Luckily the owner of the apartment picked us up at the airport and brought us to our holiday destination. The first day we didn’t do a lot. We went to the supermarket to buy some bread and cheese and I took a lot of photos during the short walk -with my mobile as K had forgotten batteries for the camera ….- of the beautiful flowers growing in the streets. But not only flowers, there was fruit! You can pick your daily need of fruit right from the tree! Which I did.
SAMSUNG  SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG   SAMSUNG These colours are truly amazing. That pomegranate! I wanted to pick it but I didn’t dare. I saw flowers I had never seen before, or didn’t remember as I have been on at Cyprus before, and I just couldn’t stop taking photos. It drove K mad as I had to stop every three meters to take a pic. Well, it’s for my blog, I justified.HibiscusSAMSUNGLunchAfter some lunch we headed to the beach. Oooh, I love the sea. The water was chillier than I expected but after a few seconds it was lovely to swim in that refreshing water. Mind you, the temperature at Paphos was around 30 degrees, it was so hot!beachI got a bit of company in the water. A Russian boy started talking to me, and in my best Russian I told him I didn’t understand him. Now, that puzzled him as I spoke Russian to him. And so he chatted and chatted …
ShellsOn the beach I always look for shells and pretty stones. Here I found the tiniest shells ever.
After this day of rest it was time for a cultural excursion. Very close to the apartment we had the archeological park of Pafos.
Park SAMSUNG  SAMSUNG SAMSUNGThe colors in the mosaics were amazing. And the details of these tiny stones, o my. A true work of art.
MosaicThere was this cute cat sitting on one of the ancient mosaics. He posed for us till he got bored.
CrochetAnd at the end of a day there was always some hooky time. Untill I ran out of yarn ….


PS: I wanted to write this blog last week, during our stay in Pafos, but we had no internet what so ever. Only a bit of WiFi in restaurants. I made a lot of notes, but copying down here everything I wrote in my notebook is way too much, sorry. So I hope you’ll do enjoy the blog with more photos than text this time.

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