A week away

SAMSUNG My man K flew 92 times up and down to the UK last fourteen months and he wanted a break. And so he booked a holiday, we packed a suitcase and flew to sunny Cyprus. It was much cheaper to fly from Brussels Charleroi so last week we drove to Belgium. After a lot of driving in the rain and too many traffic-jams we decided to have a coffee-stop at Mechelen. If you like architecture and old cities I can highly recommend Mechelen very much. This is such a beautiful city. Old houses and amazing architecture. And it stopped raining!
MechelenWe parked our car in the garage at the Veemarkt and from there you walk into the center, to the Grote Markt. Of course I took photos, but because of the grey and dull weather the photos are also a bit grey. Can’t do anything about that unfortunately. Luckily the flowers were still very colourful to brighten up our day!
Le Pain Quotidienle pain torsade chocoWe had a very tasteful cappuccino and a le pain torsade choco at café Le Pain Quotidien. The food was biological and everything we had was very yummy in our tummy. The interior of this friendly café and bakery was all in light wood, beautiful. With our stomics full we had another little stroll. We admired the colourful flowers ….FlowersFlowersAnd some more …. So pretty.
SAMSUNGSAMSUNGMechelenMechelenMechelenContinued admiring the houses and buildings and when I suddenly spotted yarn I had to do some hook-shopping. I couldn’t help myself. But as I got a little gift from my Mum to get me some decent hooks, I had to and now I can show her what I bought: Two crochet-hooks and two packets of Fimo polymer, to make handles for my other hooks back home. The one on the left is very light pink with a bit of a sparkle in it.hooks and Fimo polymerI’ll show you the results later. The Fimo and the hooks I bought at Veritas , located at IJzerenleen. Veritas windowWhat an amazing shop that is! Beads, buttons, yarn, oooh, so much glorious yarn, and crochet hooks. But also for embroidery and other creative-fans they have plenty of stuff. BTW: These are not my legs, it is just a big photo in the window of Veritas, in case you might wonder.
As we had to move on I couldn’t stay in that shop for hours and so we left. PaleispaleisWe passed the Paleis van de Grote Raad were I peeked through the window and took some photos. As you might notice the windows need to be cleaned a bit, it is not fog. Love the old floor though.
Now we needed to catch a plane and so we left Mechelen and headed to the airport. Again lots of traffic-jam misery, but we were way on time at Charleroi. Enough time to try my new hook.
Hookytime at CharleroiWaiting time well spent.

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2 Responses to A week away

  1. Even in the dull gray those buildings are gorgeous! How fun to enjoy wonderful coffee, beautiful buildings, and crochet all in one stop! Sounds like my kind of vacation.

  2. Wilma says:

    Very nice!

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