Finished :: Car blanket!!

Car blanketYay, it’s finished! Finally, I am so glad! And just in time as I am at the moment very busy with packing my suitcase. Yes, packing again as I am on my way to …  (cliffhanger …).
Working on this blanket was not an absolute pleasure I must say. I only started it because I wanted to get rid of these colours I didn’t particularly like.
So why did you buy them, you might want to know? Good question, very good question indeed. Well, I thought I might needed them. Some day. Or maybe it’s because I’m greedy, greedy for yarn (aka yarn-a-holic).
Car blanketI started the blanket with trebles only (US: dc / NL: stokjes) as I wanted a blanket with only trebles. For the trebles I used six colours, no more, no less. I had one ImPorTant RuLe: I wasn’t allowed to buy any extra yarn for this blanket, I had to crochet this one with yarn I already had. So, hooking  trebles it was. And then I got bored. Bored after treble after treble after treble. I couldn’t imagine me doing this for weeks. And so I decided during a sleepless night to combine the trebles with granny squares. Just one row.
Car blanket granny squaresI connected the granny’s with the fabulous join-as-you-go-method, and I added five rows of granny stripes around the squares. As I only had a bit of teal left I only used the five remaining colours I had for the squares. It was a bit hard to get this row of granny’s in the right place attaching it to the trebles, so the blanket turned out a bit wobbly. Again I used the join-as-you-go-method.
Granny stripesThe rest of the blanket is done with granny stripes, also with five colours. And when I had finished these I added one final row of granny stripes, in light beige. I wanted to make a nice edging with a last row in aqua, but I just couldn’t be bothered to do it. I wanted to continue my other blanket, my BBB, or my Cygnet-blanket.Last stitchesHere I am working on the last rows. As you can see Daan is not impressed. I mean, if not even my cats care for this blanket …?
So, are you ready for the little big reveal? Because her it comes, my little Car Blanket::
Car blanketTa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not my best work, I know, but my car shall be very pleased with it. Yes, I still have to do some darning of a few loose ends. Although I am not (entirely) content with the way this blanket turned out, I do think the whole idea of this blanket is okay: trebles, granny squares and granny stripes.
car blanketNow here are some blanket-facts for you, as I know you want them. Well, I always want to know these facts when I see a nice blanket. Not that this car blankie is a nice one, but you get the point, don’t you?
Car blanket yarnYarn I’ve used:
Royal by Zeeman – aqua-blue, sea-green, cream-white (€0,99 per ball). 100 grams and -/+ 241 meters per ball.
Lisa by Action – teal (€0,89 per ball) I didn’t even finish this ball. 100 grams and -/+ 240 meters per ball.
Saskia by Wibra – light beige, dark beige (€1,00 per ball). 100 grams and, -/+ 260 meters per ball.
All bought in The Netherlands. Royal is thicker yarn than Saskia and Lisa, but I think they are the same as DK yarn.

Balls: Roughly about nine.

Costs: Not a lot, a bargain, less than 10 euros.

Time: About three weeks.

Measures: 117 x 102 centimeters.

Car blanket on sofaCar blanketMe: happy that this one is finished. And I’ve learned a good lesson after working on this project: only buy colours I truly, truly love, colours that make me smile. 🙂


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7 Responses to Finished :: Car blanket!!

  1. Three weeks! That’s quick work. Now you can get on with something else. Looks as if it fits nicely in the car.

  2. TracyBzz says:

    I love love the colours of this blanket. I have a stash of blues waiting to become a blanket one day.Three weeks is quick for a blanket that size. Maybe one day I’ll be that speedy and can get to all the wonderful colour combinations I’d love to do “some day”.

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