Supermarket K and I went to the supermarket together. Which is not a good idea as we buy more than we need, when we’re going together. Usually stuff we don’t need. And as I walked trough the isles my eyes spotted the weirdest product ever.
Apfelstrudel crisps (or potato chips, as we call them). Seriously? Apfelstrudel?!? Its tasted just as weird as I thought it would taste, but I had to try it. So we did the only wise thing we could do that night, we finished the bag in one go.
AmaryllisSomething else made me very happy as the supermarket sold Amaryllises. Those are so pretty! I bought two, a red one with white ‘stripes’ and a pink one. I simply couldn’t resist.
AmaryllisNow, all I needed now was a pot to put them in. And then K noticed the two little glass vases on the tray in the kitchen I’d bought at the second-hand shop a few weeks ago, who were only 50 cents per piece. He said that these glasses are especially for amaryllis-bulbs. I had no idea! I just liked them because they were so tiny and cute.
Amaryllis pinkI filled one vase with a bit of water and added the pink Amaryllis. The red one has to wait its turn as I’ll plant that one next month. And all I have to do now is to wait for this pink beauty to starts to bloom. Can’t wait.

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